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  1. tom patnode

    SFS chicago was great

    Hi everyone i went to the sfs class last week. I have over 10 years experience in carpet cleaning and no knowledge of really how to run a cleaning business. Well after a week talking about social media, business planning , marketing. ... my head was spinning. I have many ideas and goals...
  2. tom patnode

    local network #1 on google

    Network site marketing to me claiming many first page google keywords. Will this help my google ranking? I used them for 6 months with my site lost on page 300+ for carpet cleaning san diego
  3. tom patnode

    renaissance carpet

    24 hour flood restoration.
  4. tom patnode

    cancelation fee

    I got a call yesterday for a job he wanted first thing the following day. I go and someone answers saying another guy in house had called me and meant to call me back. I dont know if that meant to cancel or rescedual. Anyone ever do cancelation fees for people like this?
  5. tom patnode

    has anyone seen clean team?

    I see he was on Dec 17th. How you doing @Clean-Team ?
  6. tom patnode

    lead paint awarness

    I found the EPA requires a lead awarness class certification if you are working on older homes. Has anyone here taken the class?
  7. tom patnode

    RIP Stewart Scott

    Announcer on ESPN has died of cancer this morning. I just watched a few peoples thoughts on him and it was really touching. here is a stewart quote "When you die, it does not mean that you lose to cancer. You beat cancer by how you live, while you live and the manner in which you live,"
  8. tom patnode

    i am taking hazwoper class

    I am 4 days into a 5 day class and really ready to let this end. The class is all on osha safety. I took it because i think if you are dealing with hazardous waste, including category 3 losses you should have more training. This class is more for water treatment plants and larger machinery...
  9. tom patnode

    property managers association

    Has anyone joined associations to make connections? I see competitors sponsoring golf tournaments for these groups so there must be people doing this style marketing.
  10. tom patnode

    Bio hazard clean up class vs hazwop class

    I am curious what the difference is. Hazwop is the standard for working with hazardous materials. it covers blood borne pathogens and many other things. Where trauma clean up does not sound as nationally recognized. Well I signed up for the hazwop I hope i made a good call
  11. tom patnode

    space invader

    I was at the convention last week and really found a sells guy that had no personal space boundry. we started off talking about his product and he kept moving closer to me. We ended up 15+ foot away from where the conversation started. It really was a awkward convo. PS thank you @Todd the...
  12. tom patnode

    i miss seeing this

  13. tom patnode

    Is there any other cleaners in San Diego?

    There is a open Truckmount show tues may 6th at 6:15. Contact me if your interested. This will be the local guys opening and showing their trucks.
  14. tom patnode

    finally got part of a wrap

    The wrap removed some paint. I hope I can touch it up but most box truck rear doors have a little issue I think still to be added
  15. tom patnode

    joining a business markering group

    I went last Thursday and they meet weekly. After next week they will vote to let me in or not. What ways can I use this to help marketing?
  16. tom patnode

    had trouble with my 175 today

    I was using my 175 to encap a house carpet but had a hard time controling it on the stairs. How do you guys bonnet a stair case?
  17. tom patnode

    water wand

    I made a water wand to rinse out area rugs. Finally tested it and it works. Its not the best looking professionally made tool but it serves its roll. I made it out of copper pipes so I am sure this thing will last me a while. Next up I need a cleaning pit
  18. tom patnode

    contractors lic.

    I know in California to do demo on a building for restoration you need a contractors lic. I assume its the same in other states. Who has a lic? If you do is the schools you recommend?
  19. tom patnode

    godaddy is offering a 99 cent domain name

    I just saw a sale for 1 site at the price of $0.99. If your interested in a new name or just starting out I would take a look at this.
  20. tom patnode

    dying carpet

    Does anyone here do full room dye. I do spot dying but heard of full wall to wall dye. I know the do it with a hydroforce
  21. tom patnode

    What happened to the new MSD forms?

    I read the standards for saftey sheets were going to be changed. Where is the industry on this? @Scott W
  22. tom patnode

    APO clogged

    I have a APO that has been capped forever, since before I bought it. I removed the cap and there is junk built up in the line. How do I clean that out?
  23. tom patnode

    baby pictures in marketing

    I just had a flier designed and see many web sites also using baby pictures. My buddy looked at at and asked where is the Mexican baby? I would say my area is 70%+ Hispanic. Does anyone use different nationality baby pics in marketing?
  24. tom patnode

    construction site next door

    I was just at a apartment complex I clean regularly. The manager showed me the construction next door. I have never seen anything like this. They built the neighbors building right on the property line. Meaning they now are insisting they build scaffling on my complex to be able to hang the...
  25. tom patnode

    anyone use a Gecko wand

    I have the wand and thinking of buying attachments. Has anyone tried these out?