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  1. awratchford

    What happened when I switched business models

    Up until January of last year, we were. Carpet cleaning company. Rugs, tiles, showers, etc. I grew tired of the constant screwing we were allowing to happen to ourselves by product manufacturers and truckmount manufacturers. Equipment costs are way to high in this industry vs what we can make...
  2. awratchford

    Wallpaper on floors

    My wife tonight introduced me to a new "craze" apparently some morons have decided its a great idea to put wallpaper on tile floors and hardwood floors. DIRECTLY ON TOP OF THESE FLOORS. Renters are doing this to make the space "theirs". Some of these idiots are painting stencils on the tile or...
  3. awratchford

    House call pro vs invoiceasap

    So a couple of years ago, rob Allen introduced us to a app called invoiceASAP. It's in his video about rug Cleaning. I've been using it ever since. I actually very much love this app. Fast forward to today. This app was $8 a month through Google. There have been a lot of updates, you can now...
  4. awratchford

    Rotovac 360i tile brush head

    For those who might be looking for a easy way (cost effective) to pre scrub carpet after pre treat. You can use the blue tile brush attachment for your 360i. Works just like $25 deck brush. Just a whole lot easier and a lot cheaper than a $2000 crb
  5. awratchford


    Can I use a black stripping pad on a 360i to pre scrub carpet, or should I just use a green pad?
  6. awratchford

    New spinner

    New toy. Spent more than I'd like, however it was $380 after discount and shipping. This tool is already paid for though because of a job I've booked for a couple of weeks from now. But for the record I still say the tool is overpriced
  7. awratchford


    So when I refer to how many free jobs it takes to break even every month it's because that how our truckmount manufacturers market to us 1 to 2 for the mount. A couple or 4 jobs for the van, a couple of jobs in chemicals, etc,etc. Next thing you know we're working for free to put money in other...
  8. awratchford

    Commercial clients

    So this is for new guys. If you are going to take on ANY commercial work, I MEAN ANY. Then you make it known up front several things. 1. Establish up front if its a 30 day billable or set pay days. If its 30 day billable then you need to explain that check(s) must be IN YOUR HANDS at 30 days...
  9. awratchford

    Carpet cleaner needed in Birmingham Tuscaloosa AL area

    The company that I do a lot of restaurants for needs a cleaner in the Birmingham Tuscaloosa Alabama area right away there is about 15 restaurants in the area that they need somebody yesterday for contact me if you're interested
  10. awratchford


    So this post is going to be for new businesses only if you were a new business and you are considering getting into the apartment game my suggestion would be pick up maybe one possibly two good apartment complexes who will pay you decent money regularly. One of the pitfalls that you can run...
  11. awratchford

    Looking to buy box truck

    So I have a chance to buy a 16foot gmc box truck. It's a 2003 gmc 4500. Well maintained diesel. Has 336,000 miles. Asking 4500. That's a lot of miles. Is that price a bit high or about right
  12. awratchford

    Residential fools

    So u haven't posted on of these in a while....I'm quite irritated with people calling in Saturday wanting same day service but scream when you tell them your minimum is $85. So the want free carpet cleaning and apparently think all carpet cleaning companies are standing by waiting and praying...
  13. awratchford

    Cleaning hardwood today

    I was cleaning hardwood today and I was using a white nylon pad with denatured alcohol on a floor that had a really good polyurethane finish what was coming up in places was a white residue these places corresponded where a rug had been I switched to a microfiber pad still use the denature...
  14. awratchford

    Moron client

    Moron today said he wanted me to use his vacuum. Insisted on it even though his vacuum is crap, said he didn't want outside equipment on his carpet.....but yet I can bring in my wand
  15. awratchford

    Ad I'm thinking of putting on my website

    3 rooms of carpet get a free box of girl scout cookies Ideas? Comments? Suggestions? Sent from my SM-G920V using TMF Forums mobile app
  16. awratchford

    Needing a dry foam to clean mattress

    Anybody know of a dry foam for cleaning a mattress with pillow top where baby has urinated several times? Sent from my SM-G920V using TMF Forums mobile app
  17. awratchford

    Good assistant

    So a few months ago I hired a certified stone man (stu Rosenberg class graduate) he's a hard worker, loyal, awesome at up sells, most importantly I trust him to do the job correctly without me As luck would have it, today I'm really bad sick. He's gonna catch today's work alone so no LOST...
  18. awratchford

    Restaurant hardwood floor

    Got a restaurant hardwood floor I'm probably going to clean. Anybody got any secrets on taking grease and kitchen traffic off the floor? Floor hasn't been cleaned years. Probably 2000sqft Sent from my SM-G920V using TMF Forums mobile app
  19. awratchford

    Vacation starts NOW

    As my buddy Jimmy buffett says "it's 5 o'clock somewhere" I'm officially on vacation till Monday. Heading to gulf shores in the morning. Sent from my SM-G920V using TMF Forums mobile app
  20. awratchford

    Cleaned my own carpet today

    So today was carpet cleaning day at my house. We have 3 bedrooms, master closet, living room, stairs and a 10x12 rug. Last time carpet was cleaned was April 2015. There are three people and a cat. Pre- spray was yesterday's powerburst+de solve all. Max hose run was 125ft. 500psi water...
  21. awratchford

    Chemical feed cleaning agent

    So today I tried for the first time a cleaning agent in my chemical feed. Up till now the only thing I've ever ran through it was a acid rinse. Observations thus far. 1. It smelled very the trailer. No smell at all on the carpet. 2. I honestly was thinking about a rug doctor the...
  22. awratchford

    Restaurant procedure

    So I got like 8 restaurants we service every 2 weeks. My procedure up to this point based on what they pay ($200 per store for deep cleaning, $75 for high traffic) 1. Pre spray with powerburst/de solve all 2. Wand it out at 220°-230° 3. Single strokes (no dry vacuum strokes) with a acid...
  23. awratchford

    Price gouging

    So there's price increases and there's price gouging. Was planning our family vacation last couple of days and needed to get room pricing. Obviously heading to the beach. So everywhere I called for 3 nights was at least $1500. Just for a place to lay your head at night! Friggin stupid. During...
  24. awratchford

    Dirty grout demon

    So I got my entire line of grout and upholstery brushes from aloha Dave in last week. Did a quick product review on YouTube. But hadn't had a chance to use them at that time. Today had a little 15sqft entryway I did as a test. Presprayed, scrubbed with the dirty grout demon for about 2...
  25. awratchford

    Self sufficient

    So as of this month we now have enough commercial monthly billing accounts that we will hit "break even" every month just with those accounts alone. Which means residential customers are complete gravy. Takes a lot of stress off of a man I tell ya.