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  1. Kyle8

    10 inch tmf crb

    Just bought a 10inch crb and was wondering what needed to be done as far as maintaining the machine. Figure I would start a thread to help people in the future.
  2. Kyle8

    Tmf Counter rotating brush

    I'm super excited just picked up a new brush pro TMF CRB I have been wanting one for a very very long time and finally picked it up. It shipped out Thursday and should be here on tuesday. Do you guys use the trays with it or without the trays?
  3. Kyle8

    Hydro force pump up sprayer

    I have been using this pump up sprayer for around 6 months i think, but it has held up really really good guys. I had the old version but this one is alot nicer has bigger hole to fill water and chemical. Metal plunger and handle. Sprays really nice and will last you a very long time. For 100$ i...
  4. Kyle8

    Chemtex panther 14

    Ok guys figure i would start a thread about my experience with my panther 14. I have had it about a year and 3 months. It has been a pretty good machine. Things i have had problems with where i had 2 of the brackets break that hold the pump on. This was about a 30 min fix each time and chemtex...
  5. Kyle8

    New lights in trailer

    Just installed new lights in my carpet cleaning trailer, with winter coming I need some extra light. These ones happend to come with green,blue, and red. Also has a remote to turn them on and off, for 20$ you cant beat it.
  6. Kyle8

    Got call back first time in long time

    Got a call back today when we left there was an electrician working on changing out some lights im pretty sure it was his the footprints they where not mine I know that. What would you guys have done I cleaned it free of charge.
  7. Kyle8

    Looking for new urine treatment

    Hey guys do you have any recommendation on some good urine treatment I would like to buy from TMF. I know they carry something called USOR I think. Something that I can spray on with my hydroforce pump up sprayer or inline sprayer would be nice. Thanks in advance
  8. Kyle8

    TMF UV light

    Ok guys just ordered the TMF UV light and when It comes i will follow up with a review. I am beyond excited I think it is going to make me alot of money here in Utah. :)
  9. Kyle8

    Crusty carpet

    Customer called and said some spot feels a little crusty any idea what would cause this. Used bio break pre spray the carpet was pretty dirt here is a pic
  10. Kyle8

    Chemtex tex panther 14 water coming from exhaust

    Just got off the phone with a friend in Europe and he has been on vacation for a couple weeks. He is on a job today and said water coming out of his exhaust. He said he checked the heat exchanger and it's not that and also the tank was empty. Any ideas so I can help him out.
  11. Kyle8

    People trying to negotiate a price

    What do you guys do when people try and negotiate a lower price. This guys wants me to come clean 3 room one being a living room for 60$ it's like a stab in the heart you can't even rent a rug doctor for that cheap.
  12. Kyle8

    When is Interlinks sale

    Does anyone know when Interlink supply is having the half price sale. I need to save up so I can by a bunch or chemical.
  13. Kyle8

    The Mayor calls

    The Mayor calls says he had a thing of weed killer exploded in his car. Wants me to come right now.
  14. Kyle8

    Hydro force sprayer

    Just bought this sprayer my last one lasted 7 years but had some problems. Hopefully this one will last longer
  15. Kyle8

    Lost or stolen

    In the last 2 months i have either lost or gotten stolen 2 upholstery tool and 2 ridgid shop vacs. I need to get me a better system so this doesn't happen :( to much money being left on the table.
  16. Kyle8

    Used rotary

    What is your guys thought on buying a used 360i or trex i have a guy bringing one from canada it is 2 years old. Is it better to just buy it new or can a rotary last a long time.
  17. Kyle8

    Had 5 calls today to go clean up floods.

    Ok guys Utah is flooding like crazy I had a bunch or calls today people wanting me to go suck up. I was pretty much booked already so told them no except we did clean the water out of a flooded car. Where is the best and most affordable flood restoration classes. I went to school for...
  18. Kyle8

    Shipping 360i from canada

    Thinking about buying the 360i used from a guy on truckmount forums but he lives in Canada anyone had any experience with getting something shipped from canada.
  19. Kyle8

    Video editing

    Which app does everyone use for video editing on Android phones. I have a Samsung 7. waiting for the new note to come out before I upgrade.
  20. Kyle8

    Old bottle of Citrus Burst

    Is this old 7 years chemical any good i forgot about it.
  21. Kyle8

    Clean free from biobreak

    Ok guys wanted to start using clean free as a rinse for biobreak prespray spray. Do you guys think this would be a good idea