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    Granite Sink Polishing Tool

    I've encountered a granite bathroom sink that has been badly etched by Insta-Flo drain cleaner. I'd like to polish the sink basin but my Makita polisher is way too big for the job. Looking for smaller polishing tool options or other methods of addressing this issue.
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    Seeking advice on first-time truckmount purchase.

    I'm ready to take the plunge & add my first truckmount. I plan to buy used, and I've found a couple appealing options on the JonDon used listings (these listings are attached). I've heard good things about the Butler units, and I also know that the El Diablo machines are good products. If there...
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    Makita Polisher Modification

    I want to use my Makita polisher (originally purchased and used for stone polishing) for VLM stair bonnet cleaning. Obviously the velcro doesn't work great for bonnets (especially when flipped over to the wet side) so I want to find a better way. Seeking ideas of how you would modify this pad so...
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    Green Slate Tile Repair Questions

    I've been asked to replace a green slate flooring tile, and I'd like some advice on where I should look for replacement material. This is indoor, gauged stone and pictures are attached. I've checked a few local suppliers and so far no luck. Recommendations for slate stone distributors are welcome!
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    Color Sealing Maintenance Procedure Questions

    I'm restoring a slate floor this week and I will need to color seal the grout lines. I'll be removing the old color seal, and I was planning to reapply new color seal after the stripping, cleaning and sealing are done. This customer will be on a maintenance plan for regular cleaning and sealer...
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    Travertine Tabletop Questions

    I'm going to check out a travertine (I'm assuming from the pics, will test) tabletop this week and I'd like some pointers. I plan to hone, clean, and seal. Generally I do this with diamond pads on my 17" 175 but this is not a floor. Should I pick up an angle grinder or buffer so I can use...
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    Need help with pile distortion on wool rug.

    I'm dealing with some noticeable pile distortion/shading in a few of the rugs I just cleaned. These rugs had some pile distortion as a pre-existing condition but I may have made it worse. If I cause it, I think it was because I used a squeegee head on a wand to extract, and I pushed outwards...
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    Faucet Adapter for Recessed Sinks

    I'm looking for a faucet adapter with extra-long threading for bathroom sink faucets that a regular adapter won't fit. Something with a long neck to it can fit into a recessed opening. I've checked hardware stores and Amazon, either my searches are not on target or they are hard to find. Any...
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    Bleach Spots on Olefin: Painting?

    One of my commercial accounts wants to have some bleach spots fixed on Olefin. I'm fully aware that I can't dye Olefin, and they understand this. I've read somewhere on this forum about people painting carpets, and I can't seem to find the threads. Anyone have any experience with this? I know it...
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    Ripples in Glued Commercial Carpet

    Major rippling on a commercial job today, in the middle of a long hallway. Maintenance crew had been using heavy detergents for years without much rinsing, and I was tasked with getting it out. In this spot I rinsed a little too much. Carpet is glued. I do carpet repair but I've never been in...
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    Inline Booster Query

    I'm interested in adding a vacuum booster to my Jaguar 8.4 and I have decided on the Mytee Flood Hog. The main reason for this is I have a lot of opportunities for flood work so this would be very useful to me regardless. I would like to know how I should expect this to perform as a booster...
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    Vac Pump went out, need advice

    One of my two vac motors on my Jaguar 8.4 machine blew on a big job last night. I ran defoamer through the vac hose & then this morning turned the machine on again & the 2nd vac pump worked fine (it runs 2x 8.4). Now the 1st vac motor will turn on (without suction) and the 2nd vac pump will not...
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    Air Duct Equipment Advice Sought

    I'm currently researching air duct cleaning equipment and I would like to know how the different methods compare. I've read as much as I can from this forum but I have some specific concerns. I was originally looking at the Cleancraft Spinvax 1000xt. I like the idea of a physical brush inside...
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    Jaguar 8.4 vs Goliath Quad 6.6

    I'm continuing my search for the most suitable portable for my new business. I was pretty sold on the Jaguar 8.4 (also still considering a Nautilus Extreme) but am now vetting the Goliath quad 6.6. The Goliath is more powerful, which is appealing especially because I intend to do a lot of water...
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    First Time Portable Unit Purchase, Seeking Advice

    I have recently decided to take the plunge and strike out on my own. I cannot currently afford a truck mount + vehicle so I am exploring portable units. The one I have singled out is the Daimer XTreme Power XPH-9650 shown here...