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  1. hard work

    First month of being fully operational

    Just completed my first month of going at it full time. $6700 gross and the business is growing. I've got commercial accounts from nothing more then word of mouth and walking into businesses. Nice ones too, I have some vet clinics, 2 restaurants, a chain of 5 liquor stores and a chain of 15...
  2. hard work

    Ravenite carpet and tile cleaning

    Professional carpet and tile cleaning. Serving the Jackson, Michigan area.
  3. hard work

    Cleaning wool carpet?

    I have a wool carpet job coming soon, I want to be prepared and make sure it's done perfectly. What prespray should I use? Ph below 10? Temp under 150? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  4. hard work

    Carpet cleaner reality show?

    Just think of the possibilities! Episode 1.......... John cleans a nasty and discovers a cat turd only to later find out the section 8 tenant wrote him a bad check. Episode 2.......... John brings his helper Austin to help move furniture on a decent $500 job. Special appearance by the...
  5. hard work

    First residential job today

    Did my first residential job today. High end lake house, $350 for the carpet. They were impressed and asked if I could do their couch. Knocked it out for another $50. Not bad. Started it at 9am and was done by 1230. Still a Lil damp in the pic but turned out nice.
  6. hard work

    Cleaning Marijuana grow houses

    I like to think outside the box with my marketing. It would probably be a good idea to leave a stack of flyers at local grower supply stores that advertise discretion. Growing is huge business in many states now and growers are very selective about who they have in their homes. Word of mouth is...
  7. hard work

    First truck mount

    Decided to take the plunge and get into business for myself. Thank you all for posting good info and keeping my motivation high. Vinyl isn't mine, getting changed out now.