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    I now give you the finger....

    Well I'm running the show from my desk the last few days. yes I know better 41 years of working in and building truck mounts but I was running one of the mounts after putting on a new donut on it. For this truckmount you have to remove input and out put sides of the blower to slide it back and...

    Fab set

    Does anyone use fab set for a truckmount rinsing agent? If so how much in a 5 gal concentrate and how many gal per hour.....thanks in advance. And do you like it?

    Anyone ever use this wand?

    I think this is the same kind of wands the yellow trucks use...I'm not really sure. I got this for $60.00 a few weeks ago and laughed when I tried to use it. It came with 067 jets. 5 of them. Well no worries about over wetting there. I swapped them out to 02's for a 10 flow and a world of...

    No more LIES!

    2nd job today. 5 rms and stairs and hall. Phone quote was $320.00. Ok I get there the husband shows me around and 3 of the rooms are urine farms. Ok an extra $90.00 for pp and odor treat. "Oh the last guy just 6 months ago only charged me 80.00 for the same thing and im pulling out the...

    Im impressed

    Can anyone confirm. I think this is a wand from the yellow truck guys. This think really utilizes the air movement. Heavy but glides with ease. Like it even better than my pmf 15 and prochem wands. Do need some advice on this. The jets are 80...95s...110s evrn a 60 and all 067 flow. I guess...

    My job of the week.

    Both trucks since midnight. One truck since 8 am 11 am done. Pooped still 3 more jobs though for truck one. video I said 450 ft of line. That was when both trucks where on it.


    I purchased a Mytee 17 inch 175 rotor scrubber one year ago. That shiny blue and chrome beautiful spinning devistator of dirt. I was so proud of my new emulsifier of evil I retired my 30 year old Pacific machine. So in one year the power cord comes loose in the handle. The starting capacitor...

    It finally dried???

    So we always call customers after the job to make sure they are pleased with the work. Called Mrs. Customer from last job on Saturday. She said it looks great but didn't dry out till yesterday evening. (3rd time customer ... usually dried in 2 to 6 hours.) Stopped by her one home...

    Ok Here it is $2,000,000,000 Rug Plant

    Now that the days are getting shorter...the jobs are getting smaller we all must put a smile on our faces and if you don't have one maybe this will help you out. Thank you everyone for such a wonderful conglomeration of wonderful information on this board. Also of course a thanks to Rob for...

    Stop steam cleaning rugs.

    I've been doing rugs since 1984 in plant. Carpet cleaning too. I have always had no problem with explaining the process to the customer and getting top dollar for the work. Every rug is given my all. We get lots of rugs from our carpet cleaning service. So far this week I've had 2 Instances...