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    Question about reinstall 1000+hours Prochem408 everst on new nissan NV3500 high roof!

    May I ask which parts of Truckmount must be replaced,how much would it cost if the rollers, shelves, etc. were all new to the mainstream,about how much it costs to labor,what is the overall cost range,The more details, the better. for installer, is the technician of chain store reliable, or...
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    Looking for 2020 best new van ,any suggestion?

    Hello guys, my old Ford E350 with 165,000 Milage recently leaked coolant cost nearly $2,000 for repaired and I was determined to get a new Van. Excuse me,Is Rob company used Nissan Cargo NV 2500 or 3500? About sv,sl,s type which is better? And if a American VANs Which models are recommended...
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    Will carpet rinse drops corrode the marble surface?

    Hello old hands,You know acid rinse is my first choice of rugs rinse always,but I rinsed a rug on marble surface yesterday.Today customer complained there are some light color spots left the marble surface,maybe cause by my chemical solution drops from my jets. I adjusted solution 2 gallons...
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    About marble cleaning,may I use the tile&grout cleaning tool on marble?

    I have 1 175 and tiles cleaning spinner ,but won't do marble polishing, sometime clients ask me to clean their marble.What is the difference between cleaning marble and cleaning floor tile? May I use tile spinner such as SX-12 or Turbo Force Hybrid tool on marble, if I can, please tell me how...
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    What's the price of housecall pro for 1 user monthly?

    I choose the subscription plan,the cheapest price is 65$/mo ,is that right? I remember it's only 50$or45$/mo for solo user at 2019
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    What's the best agent and way for move out the kids slime?

    I've tried many ways to move out the old&stiff kids slime on carpet ,all of them are failed.Can old hand give me any tips ?
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    Recommend one 12-inch tiles clean spinner?Turbo Force Hybrid 12'' or Mytee tile spinner or HYDRO-FORCE SX-12 or others?

    I usually use the 14 ' '---4 jets tile wand to clean tiles and grout, 800spi pressure, but today's cleaning of commercial soiled tiles, found that the effect is not working.My truckmount is Prochem 408, and the maximum pressure is 1000psi, so which spinner is more suitable for me?
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    Can I use Groutmaster on epoxy floor? will high ph cleaner damage the epoxy surface

    I have no idea about the difference about epoxy floor and vinyl floor cleaning.It's the same thing?Can I use groutmaster on epoxy floor?what's the best cleaner for soiled and stained epoxy floor.
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    Please recommend disposable fliter liners for Hydro-Force Hydro plastic 2 inch filter?

    Hello Guys,where you get the disposable fliter liners for Hydro-Force Hydro plastic 2 inch filter?Tired of cleaning filters every day ,the cheaper the better
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    Can I steam clean this kind of fabric?

    Customer send me these sofa pictures.It don't look like the regular stuff.Old hands please told what is it, Can truckmount steam clean it?
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    How many people have installed a partition between the cab and truckmount?

    Every time the lubricating oil is maintained, I will immediately get on the van and go home, and I always feel a smell of gasoline . May I ask whether the installation of the partition will hinder the heat dissipation of truckmout? How much will it cost?
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    Tips how to distinguish the carpet fiber by naked eye?

    There are 3 photos I take,I can't distinguish the pattern nylon carpet and Olefin carpet.Please give me some tips about what's the 3 pictures fiber types.Grateful to
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    Truckmounte exhaust question?

    Just out of curiosity, will truckmount's emissions have catalytic converters and filters like car exhaust? Does every day in day out 's exposure to the exhaust has the risk of cancer?
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    Need tips for parking of condo cleaning !

    Many of my customers live in condo, and the tenants on both sides of the CONDO share a the narrow passageway, so most of the time I have to park as close the door of the customer's garage as possible. But the problem is that the middle position of my van is exit exhausting from truckmount into...
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    stain after black tiles with alkaline agent cleaning?

    I use alkaline agent and some booster mix pre-spray and truckmount hot water rinse.Maybe there some water didn't vacuum off ,so customer told me next day there some stain left on the tiles.It didn't work when she use some family cleaning agent on it.It is weird that the other white tiles in the...
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    Urgent question about insurance for van and truckmount?

    Excuse me, Old Hands. If the Van installed truckmount driven on the road, must we buy commercial insurance?Ordinary car insurance, can I use it?In case of accident, the other side is fully responsible, will the wrecker compensate my truckmount?If it is my full responsibility, will the general...
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    What's the IRC certification?

    I just see one carpet cleaning online celebrity on youtube.He said he join a class looks like the IRC certification ,Sorry about my English listening I may not be able to hear very well. Is this course important for carpet cleaners? What is it
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    Is Carpet underlay exposed outside risk?

    The commercial carpet in the customer's office was torn and the underlay was exposed. She asked me whether the white underlay would contain asbestos and endanger the health of employees. I am not clear about the production process of the commercial carpet, so I would like to ask you guys.
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    Is this white cotton floss asbestos?

    I was cleaning the carpet in a house 2004 build and found these white fibers on the floor. Is it asbestos?I have no idea about asbestos but google show it looks like cotton and is lung cancerogen
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    How to avoid dry water stain after cleaning the upholstery?

    Yesterday the customer send me the photos ,when the chair dry the yellow stain appeared on the edge ,old pros ,do you know the reason?Is the water too hard or something else ? I try to acid rinse next time .
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    What's the academic term name of the wire hose connect wast tank with blower?

    I think It begin to leak so I want to change it.My truckmount is prochem Everest 408.Please tell the name,size and where I can buy it?
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    How to maintain the CRB?

    I bought a brush pro 10'' recently , work about 3hours one day . Except clean the cabin and brush ,how long need to grease the gears? and are there any other maintenance precautions ?
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    The way of dry slime and dry paint removed quickly?

    Is there any special chemical for dry slime and dry paint ? I see some videos use hot water and white vinegar to scrub them but it's too slowly .Do you have more professional way and chemical to remove them? And again, it's hard and dry .
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    Give some tips about estimate tiles jobs quote?

    I am very bothered by the quote for the floor tile cleaning, because the size of each tile is not the same, and the area of each kitchen or corridor and bathroom is irregular, not to mention the restaurant and other commercial areas.I grew up with the metric system and have no idea about sq ft...
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    Commercial Job Problems,need help

    Hello, everyone. I recently got a commercial job in Sanbernardino county, southern California, cleaning tiles for a restaurant in plaza. But the problem is that it must start at 9:00 PM.What permit need I apply for Usually?Will be a complain from neighbor or police about truckmount noise?