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    Edmonton schools/courses

    Fibreclean supplies in Calgary puts offers classes
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    Shipping 360i from canada

    I am sorry everyone for not posting. I have been a lurker since before 2013. I check this forum multiple times a day. I have attached a few photos of my store and truck. I have been in business for 21 years developing photos and taking pictures and selling cameras. I also have a pickup for...
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    Carpet cleaning Classifieds,Ebay & Craigslist steals & deals thread

    Your are interested in the 360i I posted about? If you are you can reach me tomorrow either at work 403 223-8230 (foto source Taber) or on my cell 403 360-3827. I own also a photo finishing business and got into carpet cleaning two years ago to supplement my business due to everyone using cell...
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    Carpet cleaning Classifieds,Ebay & Craigslist steals & deals thread

    For Sale Rotovac 360i. I purchased this unit new several years ago and I have hardly used it. I found I did not like using it due to needing a power cord . I am asking $900.00 and I will pay the shipping. I am located in Southern Alberta so realize if this item is shipped to USA you will...