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  1. rob allen

    Uptick homelessness in Va, sleeping on my shop grounds now

    I thought it was just something you see in the movies or on the internet. I know Cali, Oregon, New Jersey and NY have the problem but never seen it here in Va. Now with Northam and the state turning blue there is a serious uptick. Any suggestions on how to address this? Here’s another sleeping...
  2. rob allen

    Big franchise only allows 7 mins room to clean

    I’ve ran into a few who worked for the big franchise. They lamented that they are only allotted 7 mins per room to clean. What’s your thoughts on this?
  3. rob allen

    Anyone using downstream injection?

    Seems like a lot cleaners have problems keeping their chemical injection system is working properly. With diaphragms, check valves and other moving parts. My question is is anyone here used downstream injection, how efficient is it and how did you set it up?
  4. rob allen

    Tips to stay afloat during lockdowns

    As I predicted there would be many lockdowns. And under the heated political climate where one side says “it’s to censor and restrict” the other said says “it’s to protect” so it gets messy. Pretty obvious there is a concerted effort to slow down gatherings that may conflict with political...
  5. rob allen

    Let’s talk LVT & LVP

    There’s no way around it. The carpet mills have shut down hundreds of 1000’s sq ft of their locations and switched to LVT & LVP. We as floor cleaning providers need to be prepared for the inevitable. Now that they are getting established we are getting requests to not only maintain them but also...
  6. rob allen

    Do YOU pre-vacuum or not? (New video)

    Here is a video I made in my rug shop this week discussing the validity of why one should or should not pre-vacuum. Listen as a I break down the pro's and cons. Then let us know what's your opinion, do YOU pre-vacuum or not?
  7. rob allen

    Mytee has sold to Dry Fly

    Congrats John Labarbera.
  8. rob allen

    Elections have business consequences

    Like it or not elections are about policies. Policies have direct bearings on businesses. Regulations, lockdowns and restrictions affect cash flow. Two administrations ago was negative on business and cash flow. For example personal insurance went from 300.00 month to 1500.00. Interest rates and...
  9. rob allen

    How'd you get started in cleaning industry?

    How'd you get started? Family Forums Youtube Internet Facebook Franchise Partnership Parents company Changed professions Bootstrapped form nothing Got laid off from another industry Worked for another cleaning company first I'll start. I bootstrapped from nothing after losing a good job...
  10. rob allen

    Little something about me people don’t know

    Little something many probably don’t know about me. If I have a major project that I can’t finish or have a mental roadblock I won’t eat till I finish it. Last major one was the TMF Mix Guide with tips/tricks/recipes. I worked on it for a over a month but couldn’t get it done. So I started...
  11. rob allen

    Reasons why clients won’t use a cleaner again...

    Let’s make a list. I’ll start. Body odor. I can’t stand body odor. If I’m out at a store I hate it when someone walks by and smells. And even worse if it’s a worker. I’ll just walk away. What are some reasons you can think of why a client won’t use a cleaner again?
  12. rob allen

    2020 Election Results Poll

    I have gone through the forum and closed or removed virtually every political thread. With the election starting tomorrow I know many are going to try and put up political posts. Don't. They will be removed immediately. I am making this one poll with LIMITED comments if respectful. Remember we...
  13. rob allen

    Cleaning businesses Nov 4th-Jan 20th

    I’ve been predicting from Nov 4th to Jan 20th will be cluster mess. Hope I’m wrong but I do feel it will effect many of our businesses. Possible widespread civil unrest. We are making sure our fire and damage insurance is adequate. I hope I’m wrong but safety may be an issue also. Perhaps...
  14. rob allen

    What’s most homes you’ve cleaned in a day by yourself?

    Back in the day I’ve cleaned 7 homes from 7am to 9pm. Tired just thinking about it.
  15. rob allen

    Rug cleaning-Top Down vs Rug Spa

    Here is a podcast I did last night discussing rug cleaning. Many turn down rugs because they don’t have a spa. But we have and offer both. It’s very profitable but you need to heed a few precautions and here it is. Please like and support if you want to see more podcasts. Enjoy
  16. rob allen

    Featured Two new TMF Booster/Urine removers for carpet cleaning!

    Finally after a year of development we have made 2 new booster/brightener/urine products for professional cleaners. These are super concentrated. One in the amazing Sweet Breeze (Black Label & Unchained scent) and the other in Cherry Bomb (Red Label scent). These products will boost your...
  17. rob allen

    The truth about CET’s) Zippers, Bonzers, CX’s and Bentley Pro’s

    A few years back I coined the acronym CET. It stands for cordless extraction tools. I will base my discussion off that acronym. First off, atm no CET tool will out do a wand or especially a rotary in residential unless it’s CGD. CET’s (cordless extraction tool) were designed and work best on...
  18. rob allen

    What's your greatest accomplishment...

    What is your single greatest accomplishment you have done in your carpet cleaning career?
  19. rob allen

    Do you alter the environment when cleaning to speed up drying?

    When you’re at a home do you suggest or open windows? Do you ask or adjust heat and a/c? What suggestions or actions do you take to alter the cleaning environment to accelerate dry times?
  20. rob allen

    Client threatening to leave bad review

    Have a tech at a home who the client is threatening to leave a bad review. Why? Because she said she had two areas on phone but tech said it’s at least 5. She says if we don’t honor the low price she will leave a bad review. It is a move out and she has to have it done today. What would you do?
  21. rob allen

    How to buy a used Truckmount carpet cleaning machine!

    One of the most asked questions I get is “Rob what’s the best used Truckmount and how do I know if it’s good or not”? This leads me to this thread, How to buy a used Truckmount. I give them the best points I know however I would love to know if I missing anything. What advice would you offer?
  22. rob allen

    Craziest looking carpet you’ve ever cleaned

    Show us the craziest looking carpet you’ve ever cleaned. This one is butt ugly. I think it’s called the “shroom collection”. [emoji23]
  23. rob allen

    Wand marks during debate-Freshly cleaned or dyed?

    I’m going with dyed. Either way wand strokes looked bad. [emoji1]
  24. rob allen

    How to compete with big franchises

    My 2nd podcast will be “How to my compete with big franchises” in the carpet cleaning industry. Lately I’ve gotten a slew messages from cleaners upset that big franchises with great USP’s moved into their area. Do you have any tips I can pass on to help others?