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  1. TopJobROd

    Do you run an inline hydro waste filter?

    I love reading all the posts from all over the country (and world) and am constantly entertained. I appreciate that there are soo many types of soil conditions, environmental conditions, cleaners who clean for different types of clients, cleaners who are "mansions only" while other cleaners...
  2. TopJobROd

    Carpet Stretching for A big Room

    anything long and rigid placed between the end of the stretcher and the baseboard on the other side OR, a stinger if you are on wood subfloor?
  3. TopJobROd

    Carpet cleaning truck tire blow out accident
  4. TopJobROd

    Sealed concrete cleaning?

    I have used Grout Master or Tile Master in conjunction with a steamer with good success! (yes, a stick mop type steamer) heat makes peroxide very active!
  5. TopJobROd

    Motor oil spill on carpet

    I would soak it with a good prespray and a citrus booster, agitate very well and then pour on a big pile of DE. Of course it would have to be after hours. No guarantee, best results, carpet was never intended for mechanics bays.
  6. TopJobROd

    T&G with mop

    I mop on tilemaster with a small worn out commercial mop using a 5 gallon bucket. Quick, efficient and accurate.
  7. TopJobROd

    Cleaning Checklist

    In my part of the world, the dental assistant is responsible for all their equipment and the sink and countertops in the operatory, we do only the floors, blinds, windows, and high dusting, then comprehensive cleaning in all the common areas and restrooms so really it isn't any different than...
  8. TopJobROd

    Cowhide and buffalo rug clean

    I am not offering advise here, just an observation. Isn't it funny how cattle or buffalo spend their entire lives outside largely without shelter and their hides protect them but the minute those hides are no longer on the animal. . .
  9. TopJobROd

    Dye Job on a Camper !

    I find that impressive!
  10. TopJobROd

    Browning problem

    For all the cleaners talking about different pressures, what is the difference between 450psi with 02 flow jets and 250-300 psi with 03 flow jets?? There are a lot more factors than just psi. I had a visit from a cleaner while I was cleaning a restaurant who told me he cleans at 1000 psi, I...
  11. TopJobROd

    What is the ph on Groutmaster?

    Light agitation helps to start activating the peroxide to make oxygen before you superheat it. Helps a ton!
  12. TopJobROd

    I'm having issues with my belts snapping

    Make sure that all your components are tight on their mountings (engine, pump, etc) if you have a loose component that can cause belt problems also. I buy only gates belts or napa's industrial line.
  13. TopJobROd

    How long is to long?

    Smart Alek question. HOW OLD IS WATER?
  14. TopJobROd

    El diablo heater

    Did you mis-wire your switch, If I remember correctly they run hot and return through the switch and if you dont get those back correctly it will trip the circuit. Best support in the world for an eldiablo is a phone number right on the front of the machine!
  15. TopJobROd

    Can you successfully white towel test after cleaning

    While the "white towel" test is in most cases unrealistic I use it fairly often because "buffing" helps to remove even more soil but mostly because on some carpets it gives you a really good idea of the amount of remaining soil. The last time I remember doing this was on an elevator at a...
  16. TopJobROd

    Poor mans hide a hose

    I have used this "hide a hose" idea. There have been several times that I have threaded my solution line through a section of UNUSED vacuum hose to cross someones lawn, if you don't have yardsticks and HAVE to cross lawn in the summertime.
  17. TopJobROd

    Blower oil change

    Michael asked about buying local, I get both my de-scale acid and my pump oil at my local HOTSY dealer. Since my equipment was still under warranty I used Dresser/Roots vg220 oil for blowers and compressors, If I remember it was quite pricey but hey, so is quality service.
  18. TopJobROd

    Blower oil change

    I have a cat 3cp pump and I use Cat pumps oil ISO68
  19. TopJobROd

    Blower oil change

    Grant, did your's have greased bearings? I noticed some time back that several had this discussion and I ran for my book and discovered that they had changed the bearings lubrication to a splash system and it greatly decreased the required maintenance on the bearing block grease maintenance but...
  20. TopJobROd

    Blower oil change

    WOW! My Roots manual says my blower (roots/urai 45 with splash lubrication for the bearings) with discharge temps not exceeding 200 degrees F the oil change interval is 6,000 hours after the initial break in oil change.
  21. TopJobROd

    Pleather leather sofa

    I personally think that the microfiber "suede" fabric is one of the most unhealthy coverings a piece of furniture can have. I have had experience with several customers who are handicapped or disabled and LIVE on that furniture, keep getting recurring mrsa or skin infections. One client asked me...
  22. TopJobROd

    Installing natural and man made training floor

    Rob, here is an idea for your floor, have the installer ooze some of that white mortar up between the pieces and NOT clean it out. Apply grout leaving the mortar there and then beat your students over the head as to why they cant make the grout look uniform after they have cleaned it. I have an...
  23. TopJobROd

    Hydromaster 318 lost water flow

    is the chemical injection jug empty and introducing air into the system?
  24. TopJobROd

    A Carpet Cleaning Horror Story

    It is IMPOSSIBLE to install carpet that loosely, just give it a shot. There are some commercial carpets that relax just that much when they get a good hwe cleaning, over the next several days they will shrink back up and be fine (usually). It is good that it happened to someone else other than...
  25. TopJobROd

    TMF Flashsale coming this week on many products

    I went online to buy more grout master and discovered that the 2 pack price is now 109 (on sale). I ordered it a couple of months ago for 95.00 and I dont think it was on sale at the time. Hmmn, whassup?