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    Truckmount Knowledge Assessment

    Looking for some input on this quick "Truckmount Knowledge Assessment" I put together for my techs. It's easy to train a guy on how to start and shutdown the truck mount, and explain how to troubleshoot and diagnose common problems, but to then internally "certify" them (and maybe even give a...
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    Paint on couch cushion

    I got a call from one of our painters earlier today saying that his painters plastic fell of a couch and some small spots of paint fell on the piece. He tried to get it off with water and rubbing, but then realized that he could soon cause damage so he stopped and called me for advice. He...
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    Attic Mold

    Looking for some experienced advice on any tools that can help efficiently clean mold from an attic near where the rafters meet the joists (Talking about that really tight area where they near intersect) I've been just laying on a plywood board and wiping it away, but if anyone knows of any...
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    Spotting Water Temp

    Looking for some insight as to when we should use cold water instead of hot water when treating different types of spotting and staining material. I understand that warm water is best for enzymes as hot could kill the action before it gets to work, and cold may not allow it to start in the first...
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    First Soot Carpet Clean

    First post on here, but I've been reading and catching up on old posts for quite some time. I work for a restoration company and have restored countless household contents and textiles, but never a carpet post soot damage. I know that soot is acidic and will cause permanent damage if left to...