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  1. The Rougarou

    Real Estate Agent "Preferred Vendor List"

    Hi all, I was speaking with a friend who is a real estate agent and they offered to put me on the real estate agent "preferred vendor list" for all the real estate agents in the area once I get up & running. Has anyone had experience with this list and has it helped you increase your sales?
  2. The Rougarou

    Van for TM

    Hi all, I was thinking of getting a van to put a tm in and came across this one. I am not sure what tm I will buy to put in a van (thinking Sapphire 570). I was wondering if you guys think this van would work well for a tm & related equipment...
  3. The Rougarou

    Buying an established business?

    Good Day All, There is a local carpet/tile cleaning business that is for sale in my area and I wanted to get everyone's opinion before pulling the trigger on buying it. It is a 3 year old company with $200,000 in sales last year. He has a part time office manager and 2 part time techs that he...
  4. The Rougarou

    Customer Experiences

    Some of you know that I am still working to get my equipment to get started in the industry. After reading lots of posts, I was wondering what the craziest experience you have had while dealing with customers?
  5. The Rougarou

    Masters Touch

    Hi Everyone, I am considering getting in the industry and came across The Masters Touch equipment. So far, I have been quite impressed with their presentation. I am considering buying and using their equipment. What I am wondering is if anyone else has used them to start your business? If so...