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    Buying a used 370ss

    do you know how much it is to replace the engine?
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    FB 370ss Prochem legend Gt or a Boxer 423??

    how many hours on your 370? Curious because I’m looking at buying a used one
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    Buying a used 370ss

    Thanks for the reply! For 7k for a van and the Truckmount I think I’ll pull the trigger.
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    Buying a used 370ss

    How much life does a 370ss with 3000 hrs have left in it if it’s been well maintained?
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    Sapphire Scientific

    How many hours are on it?
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    FB hi i want to get the new Sapphire...

    I know this is old but I had a couple questions about the 370
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    Sapphire Scientific Titanium Wand

    Is this still available?


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