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    Will carpet rinse drops corrode the marble surface?

    make friends with a local stone refinisher to make YOUR problem go away. If your thinking of doing it yourself, do you know the difference between crema marfil and bottochino? if not write a check.
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    I'm Shutting IT Down.......

    Sweeden is open as usual and only adopting SD from what i read...
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    Engine Glowing Red

    Normal. More concerened if you did not see it. Often you will only see it when it is dark out
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    I DO stone all day every day for last 18 years. 100 % sure.
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    this is not limestone or travertine IT IS CERAMIC
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    Help Wanted! Central Ohio $40-60,000 first year

    I bet your finding the low start pay a challenge for some quality applicants.... I completely understand it, can take 12 weeks to see if someone is top notch, no drama
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    Travertine hone and polish, what do you charge?

    not bustin your chops, that is a 3k DIP, no where near a resin hone and compoud polish. That said, if someone does not want a glass like polish, they are a good option. Do be carefull working the lower grits as it will errode the softer minerals and fill leaving a textured finish
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    Travertine hone and polish, what do you charge?

    would not consider a 3000 dip a polished finish.
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    How would you clean this Terrazzo Floor?

    staining from grout seepage. will need strip, possible diamond honing and stain treatments/ poultice. diamond hone and polish
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    swirls in high gloss black porcelain

    More likely a factory defect. You can only see it under the right lighting conditions. We have done a couple. Nano scrub work well to improve.
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    Grout Sealer Fail?

    that tile will most likely need replaced. usually happens in CPT that is cracked sometimes it will dry out, often it does not. If it has not happend to you, it is a matter of time...
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    Porous Sandstone has suntan oils all over it

    Looks like a different batch of sandstone..
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    Heat exchanger for sale!!!!

    $100 plus shipping. I am in Orlando
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    Heat exchanger for sale!!!!

    what is diameter (OD) of exchanger OD of the inlet pipe? so 1 cold in and 4 out.(1 probe)? what is it pressure rated for ? Where are you located so i can estimate shipping charges?
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    Really Need A Decent Waste Tank

    Not sure how to PM, no button? $650 plus shipping. I would be willing to strap to pallet and deliver to a freight hub. I assume they could then forklift it.
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    Really Need A Decent Waste Tank

    I have a steam action, SS, sloped bottom, 120 gallon i beilieve.
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    Bypass regulator creeping up

    If it’s a heat exchange and your running a unloader, the added heat will slowly raise pressure, Switch to regulator .or have a weep system
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    Blue stone

    Did it have a white haze before you started? Sounds like it has a coating on it Does it have any shine to it? Is the the grout lines shinney? Does it darken when wet? Efforecence gets blamed for a lot. Although, if a coating was applied that does not allow vapor transmission, it will...
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    Anyone using a Promaster

    the black nub with green ring is the tap-- we are not using any additional fuel pumps. the lowered floor allows less vertical travel.... if your using a fuel injected engine, you have a return and will need to intall t in fill hose.
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    Hard water deposits on granite

    Brand new razor will remove 99% 5 minute job..
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    What sealer would you use?

    if they used a coating to create a shine, that may explain the heavy soiling.
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    Diet/Fitness Question

    Lo carb/(or go full Keto) and Intermittent fasting
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    Mexican tile how will you approach this?

    Looks like ceramic to me.. Mexican tile is too soft to razor without digging into it.


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