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    Rug HELP(!) Request, Dealing w/Urine

    I recently cleaned a polyester area rug for a customer that had heavy urine contamination, using Unchained at a 50% dilution rate applied to both sides of the rug, allowed it to dwell then extracted and dried. This did not completely eliminate the urine smell and she was not overly impressed...
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    Flattened Carpet Fibers

    This comes from a small-time operator faced with a new challenge. I have a customer whose daughter worked "Slime" into some medium pile carpet probably at least a year ago, and the homeowner apparently tried removing it repeatedly with vinegar and water; at least that is all she has revealed...
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    Fiberlock Shockwave on Carpet?

    Hello ladies and gents, I'm still learning the industry and have a question- Is it practical to use Shockwave to "disinfect" carpet? I have a customer requesting this (use of Shockwave) along with a carpet cleaning. If so, should this be applied beforehand and allowed to work previous to the...
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    Next Rug Cleaning

    I picked up this 11x14 rug which has slightly visible urine stains along one long edge and about a foot in from the edge. It has no labels to identify its construction material. My rug cleaning experience is minimal and so is my fiber burn ID'ing of material, but it melts to a brownish-gray bead...
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    Area Rug Padding

    I picked up a 14'x11' area rug today and also its padding to be cleaned (some dog urine). I've never cleaned padding before (NOOB) but is there anything of particular concern to be careful with? A rubber backing and padding itself with the appearance of a compressed felt, maybe 1/4" thick? HWE...
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    Smell Without Stain

    Please be gentle, guys and girls as I'm a greenhorn noob. I started my own company about a year ago (with an old, well-worn truck mount) and still am coming up on the short end of experience. A property manager has given me a job on a three-story condo where he said there was a strong dog smell...
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    Sutorbilt Oil Level

    A quick question out of the norm here. I bought a well-used truck mount to try to get my business rolling and drained the blower (3MP) oil to replace it in the practice of preventative maintenance. I removed the oil level plug first to see where the oil level was in relation to it and a good...


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