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  1. SS Interstate

    $491.59 mistake

    My crew cleaned a 60% wool 40% Viscose area rug. Unfortunately there was no tag on the rug, but was able to find the exact rug from where she purchased it. My technician has been with me for 15 years and I fully trust him. He is running a new van with plenty of vacuum. Tried a brown out remover...
  2. SS Interstate

    Sentry high pressure heat exchanger

    I have a few of these to sell cleaning out the warehouse for the winter. Sentry high pressure heat exchangers. New $1100. I will let some go for $350 plus shipping (keep in mind these are around 35-40 lbs message me or if you would like we can set up a sale on ebay. Thanks Rob
  3. SS Interstate

    For sale Injectidry HP 60 Floor Drying System with Inline HEPA Filter and accessories

    I have this item on ebay- only 161 hours Will accept $2250 for anyone who mentions TMF! I am wondering if my price on this is fair? Any feedback is welcome I saw a couple that sold on ebay recently for...
  4. SS Interstate

    For sale InjectiDry HP 60 only 161 hours with Inline HEPA filter and accessories

    on ebay Will take $2250 from someone who mentions Truck Mount Forums! This thing is in new condition Free shipping Over $4000 new!