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  1. Fernando Navarro

    Air duct cleaning equipment for sale

    Hey guys a few months ago I bought some great air duct cleaning equipment it was a great deal that I couldn't pass. After some hands-on training and a few jobs things were on their way. About a month ago I put in a bid for a nice size yearly contract that requires two full-time technicians...
  2. Fernando Navarro

    Starting over.

    Hey everyone. Been thinking a lot lately about moving out of Cali and starting over. Really want to move some where with more open land and a lower cost of living. I've always liked Texas and been looking into city's in higher end areas. So if you could or wanted to where would you start...
  3. Fernando Navarro

    Anyone looking for a project TM?

    Or a very entry-level truck mount. I've had this truck mount now for a few years picked it up used and did a bit of work to it. Tuneup on the 18 hp Kohler Cmdr. With 1000hr Put in a brand-new pressure pump I ran the machine for about a week while my main truck mount was down. Never ran more...
  4. Fernando Navarro

    Any tmf'ers in the union city ,TN?

    Looking for a top notch company to refer to one of our customers She's looking for a concrete polishing and staining company As well as a floor covering company
  5. Fernando Navarro

    Custom truck mount for sale

    I was searching eBay and came across this thing pretty interesting anybody ever heard of this Look at this on eBay: Carpet and Tile Cleaning Truck Mount Unit
  6. Fernando Navarro

    50 chairs on the 15th floor

    Hey fellas How would you guys tackle 50 chairs on the 15th floor. Chairs are all standard fabric office chair. What process of cleaning. what tools what chemicals. would you use. Thanks.
  7. Fernando Navarro

    looks like there's a new Rotovac 360XL Rotary Jet Extractor on the block!!

    Looks like Rotovac step it up. Rotovac introduces the all new Rotovac 360XL Rotary Jet Extractor! The 360XL has a 15" wide cleaning head and will also be able to run an optional 17" head in the near future. Engineered by Cliff Monson, the inventor of the RX-20 and Rotovac Powerwand, the 360XL is...
  8. Fernando Navarro

    Concrete prepping

    Hey guys I want to get a few different opinions on how to prep this concrete floor with a layer of epoxy. I have 2800 ft. Of concrete I need to prep so I can lay a VCT flooring over it. It has a ton of heavy dirt and grease and grime layers and layers. Here's what I was thinking. Finding...
  9. Fernando Navarro

    Worlds biggest slide in truck mount for sale

    Going through craigslist today I found this ad. I have nothing to do with it just thought I'd post link not valid
  10. Fernando Navarro

    Prochem upholstery tool.

    Hey guys up for sale is a PC upholstery tool. I've had it in my van for about a year now and only used it twice it was a backup upholstery tool. I recently hit the jackpot on a few dry masters which I prefer. 250+ shipping
  11. Fernando Navarro

    Best polishing stone pads?

    Okay well it's time for me to order a new batch of polishing pads. I have use the ones that Interlink sells and I have had good result with them. I'm just wondering if there's any other brands out there better or more reasonably priced. So what are your guys experience which polishing pads...
  12. Fernando Navarro

    Tile master results.

    <a href="" target="_blank"><img src=""...
  13. Fernando Navarro

    Dallas,TX SFS

    It's official I am going to the Dallas Texas strategies for success seminar anybody else planning on attending at this location? May 13-may 17
  14. Fernando Navarro

    Love my 360i

    Before After Used power max by cobbs 6oz to a half hf. This was actually a small water damage job. But after the water loss the apartment still smelled extremely bad due to the wet carpet and the extreme soil. So I gave it a good flushing with the 360 I and 300 psi at the truck...
  15. Fernando Navarro

    Best way to clean sisal carpet?

    I have one of our great customers with this type of natural Jute ?carpet what would you recommend the best method for cleaning?
  16. Fernando Navarro

    Awesome set up!!

    Found this picture today thought I'd share.
  17. Fernando Navarro

    Looking for this part!! Help please.

    Hey guys I'm looking for the parts the go on here anyone that has them used from old motor or know where I can buy new let me know. Thanks. It's a 18hp kohler commander not sure of year.
  18. Fernando Navarro

    Meet Ben from amtex!!

    What I small would I was at universal studios. Yesterday I live in la so I like going every few years to get on the new rides. Well after getting out of water would show based on the movie. I hear a voice that I recognized right off the bat. Well sure enuff I look over and he's walking right...
  19. Fernando Navarro

    Back from my yearly fishing trip.

    Man had a nice week long fishing trip with my family Had a great time in bridgeport ca. Also used my new to me camper it was awesome. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  20. Fernando Navarro

    How many hr per hr?

    What's up guys just wondering how many hours full time cleaner are putting on the tm or porty? I'm doing about 700-800 hr if my math is right. Is this average ? Low ? High?
  21. Fernando Navarro

    King cobra pro 1200

    I have this up on eBay. View item: King Cobra 1200 carpet cleaner,upholstery cleaner,hard surface cleaner
  22. Fernando Navarro

    Have you cleaned one?

    So a custy dropped these off today and said clean them if I can or just toss them. How would you go about cleaning then? I've cleaned these before by hand but takes forever. And better safe ways?
  23. Fernando Navarro

    Best in-line spray?

    I've had the hf for about two years now it's been great never a problem that I can tell its the non adjustable one. What's your guys input what inline sprays have you guys used and liked and ones you guys didn't like ?
  24. Fernando Navarro

    Just came in (360i)

    Nice I come home pretty bummed out. From a install job that went crazy. To see this waiting for me :-) really made my my day!! Can't wait I have a full day tomorrow of cleaning. No installs for me till next next