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  1. mike2633

    What Spotter Portable is Better for Heavy Automotive Grime?

    Hi guys, I have a quick question, I'm not in the carpet cleaning business any more, I was, but not anymore and not going back either not that there's anything wrong with it just wasn't my thing after a while, I have a good job now at a good company so that's that for that, but I am in the...
  2. mike2633

    2001 Hydramaster Boxxer 421 Still For Sale

    Hi everyone, I still have my 2001 Hydramaster Boxxer 421 for sale, the machine has been fully serviced by the Hydramaster Dealer, I have recipt, oil change, full inspection, pressure gauge replaced, lower heat exchanger cleaned, air filter replaced, machine is in great shape runs and works...
  3. mike2633

    Pictures of truck mount for sale video comming soon

    Hi all Truck Mount for sale and much more all for $7,500 located in Cleveland, Ohio 2003 Ford E-250 2001 Hydramaster Boxxer 421
  4. mike2633

    Truck Mount For Sale Again

    Hi guys, I have a 2001 Hydramaster Boxxer 421 for sale. I just had it in the shop today, for servicing, and can furnish a receipt for the service. The machine has a totally clean bill of health, clean oil, clean lower heat exchanger, descaled, new pressure gauge, been looked over head to toe...
  5. mike2633

    Truck Mount for sale

    Hello, I have a 2003 Ford Econoline 250 Carpet Cleaning Van that is turn key and ready to go. It has everything you would need if you want to start a carpet cleaning business or ad on to your existing business. The machine is a 2001 Hydramaster Boxxer 421 it runs fine and works hard. Please...
  6. mike2633

    2001 Boxxer 421 for sale

    Hi guys, I have a 2001 Hydramaster Boxxer 421 for sale. It's got about 5,000 hours on it, has a 100 gallon fresh water tank, hose reels, 70 gallon recovery tank. The machine runs strong and works well. It needs a new plunger and some other service, however it is turn key and has good heat and...
  7. mike2633

    Any one else have a bad experiance with Cleanway

    Hi everyone, My name is Mike and I have been in business for a couple years 3-4 years by now getting ready to hang it up in probably 2-3 more months. Any how, I want to talk about Cleanway a division of Cintas company. I have had a bad experience with the company. The pay rates that they pay...
  8. mike2633

    Business/Set Up for Sale Northeast,Ohio

    Hi guys, If any guys who live in Cleveland-Akron-Canton Ohio preferably Cleveland, Ohio area are interested I am cashing out of the carpet cleaning business and moving on to other things. Time and other circumstances have made the business run it's course and now that school is over and I was...
  9. mike2633

    Equipment for Sale Prices Reduced!

    Hi everyone, I have a 100 gallon fresh water tank for sale and a pump for the water tank. The tank is brand new and never really used. $350.00 for both the tank and pump. Call Mike (440)539-4147
  10. mike2633

    Super Huge Liquidation Sale Were Pulling Out All the Stops!

    Hi everyone, As you all are aware Northern Ohio Carpet Cleaning in Cleveland is having a huge liquidation sale. We recently sold our 1998 Prochem Bruin II for $1,500! However we have even more for sale and were pulling out all the stops come one come all we have everything you need and...
  11. mike2633

    Equipment for sale

    Hello every one, I am having a liquidation/spring cleaning sale and I have some interesting things for sale. (1) 1998 Prochem Bruin II (Parts Machine) with 100 gallon fresh water tank, 100 gallon waste tank, fuel cell and a on board pump system, wand & hose reel with hoses all in working...
  12. mike2633


    Hi everyone, I have a question for some of you more experienced guy's especially on the commercial side of the line. This year I was planning on going after some schools both public and private. I have a nice little network of cleaners who I work with on a semi regular basis so man power and...
  13. mike2633

    Come to work with me!

    Hi everyone, hop in my van and come with me on todays job!
  14. mike2633

    Fresh Water Tank Needed

    If any one has a 100 gallon fresh water tank that they no longer need, and are interested in selling please contact me. I need one for my new van. Thanks Mike
  15. mike2633

    Big Mac Fan

    Alright i'll come out and say it I am a fan of the McDonalds Big Mac. Besides being the most famous hamburger in the history of hamburgers. It's just my favorite out of all the fast food places. I also think of it as a symbol of American ingenuity and also an economic symbol as well. Actually...
  16. mike2633

    Whats the advantage of a Vortex Truck Mount?

    Hi everyone, hey just wondering for regular residental carpet cleaning and light commercial what is the advantage of a Vortex truck mount? Also is Vortex even still in business? I know a Vortex can run 600-700 foot of hose and for heavy commercial I can totally see why you would have one...
  17. mike2633

    Where is Shane?

    I can't find Shane any where can someone tell me where he is?
  18. mike2633

    Cruel Summer

    It's hot today 108 degree heat index here in Cleveland. Of course I had a bitter sweet day. I got paid for some flood work I did. Got a nice check so that was good. However the temperature was frigging hot as hell and the police gave me the old shake down this morning. I was driving to work in...
  19. mike2633

    Thanks Frank over at Digi Carpet Cleaning

    Thanks Frank over at Digi Carpet Cleaning for takeing my call this morning about a musty apartment. The maintinance guy there had some odorban and sprayed down on the carpet and that took care of the problem. I just could not make it out there myself to put down Microband. Any how thanks for...
  20. mike2633

    Hot Chicks in Pittsburg

    So today I had to go out and get supplies really hard to run a carpet cleaning company with cooked solution line. Tuesday I was packing the truck up at 8:30pm at night just finished the last job of the day and the solution line that I had on the truck, well it was basically cooked "black death"...
  21. mike2633

    Got My Van Broken Into

    This morning I get a call from the police, saying that they found my GPS System in a field asking me if I put it there. I said "No, I don't remember loseing it, any where. Did you guys find it off of Clinton Rd." They said yes we did. I said I have a van parked off of that street behind a...
  22. mike2633

    Our best day

    Well today the company had it's best day ever. I managed to rake in over $700.00 today. Not bad. Well I threw $53.00 in the gas tank, but that was going to happen any how. I had a woman pull me off the street inbetween jobs ask me if I could do her house really quick. Well the way stuff went...
  23. mike2633

    For All You Auto Detailers On the Forum

    Okay so today I had the day off. Actually this week in general doesn't really have any thing. However next weeks got some stuff cooking and last week was good, so all in all I can't complain. Any how I took the time today 5 hours and cleaned out my personal car and got it all cleaned up...
  24. mike2633

    What Should I do?

    Okay as time changes and people change it's time to change along with it. I was thinking when the best time to jump into cleaning full time is. I'm getting ready not there yet still have a few miles to go, but I see the light at the end of the tunnel. I have two options both kind of the...