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  1. smart n kleen

    24" tony dang wand, have you used one?

    I’m very curious about these wands. Have you used one, good, bad, indifferent? Your responses are appreciated. Thanks
  2. smart n kleen

    Hydramaster 450D bypass heat exchanger wanted

    My buddy just froze his heat exchanger. If you have one let me know please. Looks like this.
  3. smart n kleen

    Prochem UltraPac Extreme, reviews?

    I just bought a 40lb bucket of Prochem UltraPac Extreme. Has anyone used this product? Comments please. Thanks guys.
  4. smart n kleen

    WANTED Cimex pad drivers

    I need some cimex pad drivers new or used. I bought a used cimex machine and the black pad drivers were not included just the white brushes. I would trade for the white brushes for the black pad drivers if someone wanted. Thanks guys.
  5. smart n kleen

    Tools for sale

    I have some tool that are new but have been collecting dust for sale. I have a hydramaster drymaster 2, a sapphire scientific upholstery tool, a multi sprayer 1 gallon electric sprayer, and a mini turbo spinner for counters and tile. I thought I’d give you guys first chance to buy these...
  6. smart n kleen

    Brand new mytee Trex for sale

    I have a brand new Trex for sale. It was at a trade show but never turned on. I used it for a few minutes only but the brush head had too stiff of brushes so it was impossible to use. I now have a brand new head with the newest softer brushes which has never touched carpet yet. I also have a...
  7. smart n kleen

    Letters to Russia

    Who wrote their letters to Russia? My family sent ours.
  8. smart n kleen


    Look what I cleaned up today. It was thick. What do you think? The daughter said her mom lost 4 pints of blood. She's still alive.
  9. smart n kleen

    New pump out reel, what do you think?

    I just installed a new cox reels reel today. I was tired of hooking a hose to my pump out. I'll try it out tonight on Applebee's. What do you think?
  10. smart n kleen

    Penguin sprayers for sale

    I have a few brand new still in sealed boxes penguin battery sprayers for sale. Model number is pr200. The manufacturer masterclean sells them for $558 including shipping. I'm asking $425 including FREE shipping. These are awesome sprayers. Let me know what you think. Thanks guys.
  11. smart n kleen

    Have you seen or used a flash swivel yet?

    i bought one of these to try cause I was interested in it. It was a little easier cause the hose stays off me. Leaks a little on the swivel but your machine leaks constantly at the tank bypass. I like it. Have you tried one yet?
  12. smart n kleen

    How do you clean your bonnets?

    I'm new to the VLM method and I need some suggestions on washing my bonnets. What do you use to wash them with? What detergent or specialty products do you use? Thanks guys.
  13. smart n kleen

    Trailer color help please

    I'm buying a new trailer for my VLM business and am trying to decide if I should go with another co;or or keep my original color. We are known for our orange trailer but I was thinking this green stands out so much it might get us even more attention. I live in a small town and people see us...
  14. smart n kleen

    Oreck XL professional grade orbiter almost new for sale.

    I have a oreck orbiter for sale. Used maybe once or twice. $285 OBO. The set I have for sale costs $449 on eBay.
  15. smart n kleen

    I need a iPod 6

    Its a weird request but I'm looking to buy a iPod 6th generation. I need to listen to my bible study material while I work. If you have one please message me. Thanks guys
  16. smart n kleen

    Engine needed

    I just bought a prochem blazer plus and I think it needs a engine. It's a Briggs 16hp vanguard. I heard a 18hp Briggs vanguard will work also. If you have one or know where to get a low priced one please let me know. Thanks guys. By the way it has just over 2400 hours on it.
  17. smart n kleen

    CX-15 for sale Saturday only

    I'm going to trade my cx Saturday at around noon if I don't get a buyer here. Im trading it and cash for a backup setup. It has very low usage and has both bars. I keep my stuff very clean so it's well taken care of. I'm asking $750 obo you pay shipping. Let me know before noon pacific time...
  18. smart n kleen

    Kobe Bryant the greatest in history

    60 points in his final game. The laker King. Thanks Kobe.
  19. smart n kleen

    Removing hard water from brick and grout on a wall

    I have a backyard wall that has some calcium deposits and some mold. I got muriatic acid and mixed it 12 ounces per gallon. I used a brush and It takes it off the brick but the cement grout still has some hard water on it. Any suggestions? Stronger mix or another chemical? Thanks guys. By the...
  20. smart n kleen

    A big thank you to Ryan Kettering

    Just wanted to say thanks to @Ryankettering for his hard work on my gift cards and business cards. Great designs and great prices. Anyone one else have good comments about Ryan?
  21. smart n kleen

    Formula 90, white lighting, dry slurry, hydradri, or?

    Which do you prefer and why? I've been using hydradri and white lightning for a few months and I'm out. Looking for some good advice on which extraction powder is better or best. Thanks guys.
  22. smart n kleen

    A few upgrades to my setup

    I added a wd-40 holder and a made my regular reel a live low pressure hose reel. I added 150' of 1/2" blue hose for the fresh water supply. I still have to reinstall my fresh water tank and pump. Also I need to add a 2" hose barb to my portable so I can get rid of my 50' 1 1/2" hose, maybe next...
  23. smart n kleen

    Home made temperature gauge

    So who needs joe blistor, I made my own. Very easy and pretty cheap. What you guys think of it?
  24. smart n kleen

    Is Rob a movie star lol?

    Has anyone seen the movie BARK RANGER ? One of the bad guys looks like Rob. He looks like Jason Blicker. What do you think?
  25. smart n kleen

    Quick connects on water supply hose, will they leak?

    Im going to run stainless steel quick connects on my fresh water hoses, will they leak because of the lower water pressure? I know they are for high pressure but it would be very convenient to have them on my water hose. Does anyone use these in their setup now? Any problems? I'm putting four...