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  1. AffordableCarpetCare

    WORX sprayer mods

    Flex ice occasionally but typically just clear water
  2. AffordableCarpetCare

    WORX sprayer mods

    We use an inline sprayer only. When we do commercial accounts ( restaurants,hotels mostly) we use a splitter in solution line with 50' coming off each side so we can spray and clean at same time. Also IMHO i believe the hot water prespay 200f plus helps break down grease and soils
  3. AffordableCarpetCare

    E-10 or E15 Ethanol might be bad for your truck mount engine.

    I use non-ethanol in all my small engines and tractor for years. My mother had a mower that was less than year old and had to have carb replaced due to E-10. and warranty wouldn't cover it and it hadn't sat it was still in first summer of use
  4. AffordableCarpetCare

    Starting Issue

    Also does sound like fuel issue most likely filer or pump
  5. AffordableCarpetCare

    Starting Issue

    IMO the facet and Mr. Gasket pumps are trash. Never had one last more than 6 months some less than a week. I always kept an extra in truck so could change out during job when needed.Put a Carter on 5 years ago and never t an issue since. Costs more but definitely worth it. Actually ordered one...
  6. AffordableCarpetCare

    Truck Mounts with clutches / leave on to avoid it going out ?

    I agree i have 5200 hours on mine and clutch still works fine.
  7. AffordableCarpetCare

    Are you guys really that broke?

    Still no luck getting rud of this popup?
  8. AffordableCarpetCare

    @Todd the Cleaner is in the hospital.

    I think my family had it kids and wife were all sick. Took both kids to doc. Negative flu test but were gonna say its flu anyway
  9. AffordableCarpetCare


    Try martin over at janitorial and restoration hub he may be able to help you out he is certified prochem and Butler mechanic. Only one in Nashville i believe
  10. AffordableCarpetCare

    My little giant was on fire today

    When your leak checking remember the the union nut wont have gas to flow to it except when the main burner is lit. So you can only check it while it is operating
  11. AffordableCarpetCare

    My little giant was on fire today

    Truly i'd say the valve didn't get alot of heat. The knobs are thin plastic and melt easy. If it had got very hot they would have been gone completely. . . Ive had that same union leak one time years ago luckily caught it as soon as it started. I use a 24" pair channel lock to make sure its...
  12. AffordableCarpetCare

    Kohler replacement

    How close of a fit is the predator to a 18 hp Briggs vanguard as far as mounting holes and shaft? I've not had issues yet but have 3600 hours and want to be prepared when need to do something
  13. AffordableCarpetCare

    How to bucket test your Hydroforce for accuracy

    I run mine at 200+ degrees constantly without problem. I will say I have not tested to see exactly what it's drawing but it works fine at 4:1
  14. AffordableCarpetCare

    Looking to buy box truck

    I'd go with it my truck is nearly 20ft and never have problem with driveway unless it's cause of low trees. It's big and plenty of room to work and move. Just make sure to have a side door
  15. AffordableCarpetCare

    Local parade

    We are in our local Christmas parades every year
  16. AffordableCarpetCare

    Bought a "like new" truck today!

    Everyone is assuming this is a pickup. Just cause it's an F series chassis doesn't mean anything it could be a box or anything no way of knowing from that pic
  17. AffordableCarpetCare

    Restaurant customer complaining carpet dirty after 3 weeks

    Talk to her this afternoon and she thinks cause it towards where we finished we either didn't get all of the dirt out or it didn't dry properly. I explained that if that were the issue it would have shown in first couple days and she had already stated it looked fine the next week when I spoke...
  18. AffordableCarpetCare

    Restaurant customer complaining carpet dirty after 3 weeks

    I understand that I do 2-3 a week and most they clean ever 3-6 weeks if they don't pay much I don't do them lol. So you don't feel she should get a reclean or anything?? She been a customer for about 3 years and this was first time cleaned this carpet after she put it in 6 mos ago. It "special...
  19. AffordableCarpetCare

    Restaurant customer complaining carpet dirty after 3 weeks

    Also those straight lines left to right are uneven area in the concrete underneath
  20. AffordableCarpetCare

    Restaurant customer complaining carpet dirty after 3 weeks

    Cleaned a restaurant 3 weeks and 2 days ago. Cleaned the owners house the next week and said everything looked great today she text and sent pic that everything looks good except at back by kitchen. . . How would y'all handle? This restaurant normally cleans every 6 months
  21. AffordableCarpetCare

    Best way to fill up hydro force sprayer

    You get used to it you'll wonder how you ever did without it. It's great for spraying inline filter out and cooling heater down too. And if you use powders they disolve much better with the hot water but my helper complains that sprayer is to hot lol.