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  1. K

    My Next Van

    Here's one I went and looked at last week. It was fairly clean but rust bad around the rear door glass especially. I wondered when I saw that if these vans tended to rust.
  2. K

    steam brite DRAGON or EL DIABLO

    If the person that had the new Dragon on ebay for 10,000 is here on TMF -- please PM me or check your inbox at ebay-- I had the unit on my ebay watch list and planned on bidding just before auction end and was away from home when it ended. I want to buy.
  3. K

    Steam/vapor cleaners for house cleaning?

    Here's what I yes and no. I bought for resort cleaning in hopes of productivity increase....not so got me hyped up and bought. Works ... Yes....Fast .... No
  4. K

    Flip camera/video

    Here's another one that I am buying.
  5. K

    Flip camera/video

    I bought theses two for the kids to play with. I use my Iphone. Bought for underwater video!
  6. K

    phone book is it worth the price of admission

    Always remember price is negotiable along with free category listings etc. If one of the directories in your area is "Names and Numbers" -- they will give you as many free listings as you want. Even if you buy only a 1/2' black on yellow, they will give you dozens of other free listings...and...
  7. K

    How much should I over deliver?

    Maybe charge a kennel cleaning rate.
  8. K

    I vote sabrpilot should stay on TMF

    I would not want Sabrpilot, Deron or Shane to leave. But sometimes it just is not gonna be funny when poking a snide stick at somebody -- the somebody might just turn out to be a bear.
  9. K

    I vote sabrpilot should stay on TMF

    sabrpilot You have refused to kiss-up to -- or cower away from the bumptious brotherhood. Keep standing!
  10. K

    My new Truckmount Rage

    Congrats! -- Hope you make lots $$$ -- oh and have fun......
  11. K

    Going to try Craigslist for new help

    We have an ad posted for help continually on craigslist. Because of crazy calls, etc ... we use a temp number through ring central to screen first and/or use the anonymous feature. We request a resume and an application (email a pdf filllable job app). Potential employees know our...
  12. K

    Vortex Question

    Jim Martin -- That is a NICE!! truck....
  13. K

    Propane heater

    Thanks Slim Yes I saw what Bob Savage (<< such a smart guy!) had posted in the thread about that. That whole thread is a good one and full of helpful info. thanks again! --dale
  14. K

    Propane heater

    Thanks Slim -- I really like the set up I saw in your thread of the trailer mount. I have a gas powered portable with HX and although it gets to 190 at soon as I trigger wand and begin using it - it drops to 135-140 or lower. So my interest in this NS has peaked. I'm thinking...
  15. K

    Propane heater

    Slim How is the heat -- Once you trigger the wand and start work, is it maintaining heat well?
  16. K

    Propane heater

    Kind like these, --- or no?
  17. K

    To the "Newbies" from a "Newbie"/2k Portable....

    I don't want to vote against anyone to leave....but I would vote for sabrpilot to stay!
  18. K

    To the "Newbies" from a "Newbie"/2k Portable....

    Deron06 ...... can at times be educational -- on occasion enlightening--and often entertaining. Have not seen anyone else be all three on TMF.
  19. K

    Interlink or Jondon

    Interlink has been great!
  20. K

    Economy worries

    Now is the time to be aggressive and not pull back. Do and offer things others can't. Invest and push hard -- move the mom and pop operators out of the way.
  21. K

    PM is having me skip apartment units to keep under budget

    Offer to clean the remaining now and bill her out with 30/60/90 terms.
  22. K

    VacAway products

    Here is pics of that unit. We had a check out at 10:30 and a new guest arrival at 3:00. I cleaned carpet in this unit around noon and then went back at about 2:30 after housekeeping had cleaned and vacuumed unit to take after pic. I liked the vacaway product here... but I have used releasit...