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    Full Extent coming soon

    My son Anson has been testing his new product for over a year in his detail shop. Results have been incredible. Not a RTU product. Extremely concentrated. Very economical
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    Hydroforce question

    Received a new Hydroforce Revolution today. The wand does not shut off completely. It continues to spray out when valve trigger is released but at a reduced flow. Anyone experience this? I contacted the seller and am waiting on their response. Thanks Sent from my Nexus 5X using TMF Forums...
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    Low pressure chemical injector

    I have this BE electric pressure washer Works perfect except I cannot get the low pressure chemical injectors hose to draw. Never used this feature in the two years I owned the pump...
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    Harbor Freight Generator

    Like many cleaning companies, you may have some older Honda propane buffers sitting around like I do. So, I removed the propane regulator and carburetor from one of the buffers and replaced the carb on my 13 Hp Harbor Freight generator. Perfect fit! Runs perfectly now. I was having some...
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    Little Giant

    Ok. Although my Mytee electric heater works fine, but SLOW, I believe it is now necessary to step up to a propane heater like the LG. I need pics of installs in small vans for ideas/inspiration if you got them. Also, where is a good place to purchase a propane heater? Thanks
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    Powerwand brushes

    I know there are a lot of people that do not like the Rotovac Powerwand, so I am wondering if anyone has a set of the carpet brush heads just sitting around that you would like to sale. Thanks.
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    Selling this older Cyclo hand held orbital scrubber/polisher. Found it in box with all papers at my wife's grandfathers home. Works very well. $160
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    Orbot rust

    Picked up a used Orbot. Was very clean and real good shape except for the deck, which was rusted. Was told it was even powder coated a while back. So, I took a careful look at my Orbot and it too was beginning to rust on the blue deck. Then I did a web search for used Orbots for sale. Most of...
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    Elvis shoes

    Ok, Some may get offended at this but here goes. The blue slip on shoe covers look silly and come on ...Really?? I just watched a you tube video of a guy cleaning an area rug in someone's driveway with his truckmount and he was wearing the blue slip on covers. Isn't the covers going to get...
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    Lancaster PA guys

    Hope nobody received any injury or damages from the tornado. .
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    Salty subject

    What procedure would you recommend? Way too much salt. Actually is hardened and thick enough to cause a trip. Place is open 24/365 and very busy. Some areas are sopping wet.
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    Post your carpet cleaning memes on facebook

    Share ideas. Inspire. Laugh
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    van lettered

    Got the small van lettered today. Side and rear window panels are wrapped. .
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    Orbot upgrade

    Brush drive. Big improvement. Took about an hour to build.
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    Anyone know anything about this?

    February 22nd.. Carpet cleaners give back day. Would line to participate but do not know how it is being organized..
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    Didn't get what you wanted?

    This memory will make your day!
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    Rip Tide

    Anyone know anything about this new machine? Vac looks to be weak and no heat. Says it is temporarily out of stock. Wondering if it is because they cannot keep up with the demand or if it is not yet ready.
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    Lost my mom late last night. Wanted to say thanks to TMF for giving me something to distract my mind over the past few days sitting in the ICU.
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    did you grow up in or near Pittsburgh?

    If yes, then you might like this..
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    Rotovac powerwand jets

    Question (not opinions on the powerwand please)... Has anyone ever used only one jet per side (other two plugged) on your powerwand ? I am getting wow results with it set up with all the jets but my tank is draining faster than I want. Wondering what would happen with removing one or two jets...
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    Rant here

    Here is something that makes me want to slap those that say it to me. "since you don't have a REAL job" Blah blah blah..... , or something like this.... " I don't have time to do that like you do because I have a real job"... What gets under your skin being that people say to you being a...
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    Look what I found

    Stupid Ram (Dodge)! My newly acquired 2012 Ram CV, which is basically a Caravan, has an aluminum floor in the cargo area. While under the van today, I noticed that there are two very large cargo areas that are used for storing seats that are folded down in their passenger vans (Sto-n -Go)...
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    Whatzit worth?

    Did a carpet job and the customer shows this to me and wants to know if I would barter for some of the carpet cleaning. What do you think it is worth? (just the spinner) Thanks
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    Force Awakens

    Rumored spoiler alert! Kylo Ren is the returned Anikin Skywalker. His body was not burned. When they went to retrieve his body, it was gone just like Obi wan's and Yoda's, (is what Luke believed) His mechanical parts were burned. He returns to finish what Darth started....find a way to keep...