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    Hydramaster 421-- Ebay--deal or fraud or what? Boxxer 421 - New $6600?? Seller has 0 feedback --
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    TM operators -- Do you use a RV 360 very often?

    I am in process of buying a new TM and have a new 360i setting in the box. Wondering if I would really use it with TM(575 Titan) or if it would rarely be used. Do those of you that have TMs and Rv 360s -- do you use it .... often ... rarely ... never? I just don't want to try it out and...
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    Pressure Washing via truckmount

    Do they work (unit like Titan 575) for light duty cleaning -- washing off decks and deck furniture etc. I ask because if they do it would be very convenient to wash decks and steps when we are servicing carpets in condo buildings.
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    Mytee Lite 2

    Here's my situation: I bought a few Mytee portables(think they were 1005s) last year to keep on property sites in lock closets. *Problem is they are too heavy for the women to tote up/down stairs. So when there are a few spots in rooms we have to either put off cleaning the carpet area *or call...
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    Where to buy wand with bp valve

    Anyone know where to purchase a wand with bp valve already installed? A 1.75" or 2" . <<<Buy not by .... a bp wand>>>>
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    Interlink or Jondon

    Going to buy a new tm. Are interlink and Jondon pretty equal as far as pricing and service etc. Interlink location is about 80 miles away and Jondon about 220 miles. I just dont have closer options No local dealer How about lease/finance ability between them.(personal and biz credit good btw)
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    Titan 575

    Anyone use this machine. Opinion? Thanks!