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  1. Sanipro

    Best tannin spot removing solution?

    Tannin out is the name of the chemical made by ncl chemical
  2. Sanipro

    Best tannin spot removing solution?

    Ncl chemical tanning out is hands down my favorite
  3. Sanipro

    H2O2 Fogging to mitigate CoVID19?

    What about steam, I have commercial steam machines , not talking about carpet machines but steam system reaching 250 degrees and wanted to know if coronavirus can be killed or who can I talk to to make sure. I can also use a disinfectant with the machine
  4. Sanipro

    Electrostatic sprayers - what chemicals to use?

    There is victory innovations with a backpack sprayers but good luck finding any across the nation because they are back order till the summer . Same goes to all other electrostatic sprayers , sold out. Right now we are using hdq neautral in a fogger to disinfect a private school daily for the...
  5. Sanipro

    What chemicals will disinfect for Corona virus?

    I’ve been using Hdq neutral from spartan. Pretty strong for only one ounce per gallon. Spray everywhere and let it sit for ten minutes.
  6. Sanipro

    Looking into starting a Deep Restroom Cleaning business.

    Your on the right path. I originally started my company that way. Doing deep restroom cleaning for restaurants, gas stations etc. I take the most pride doing restrooms. Heck, we have a total of 50 Kaivacs in our arsenal. So the first cleaning is going to be the most time consuming . For rat...
  7. Sanipro

    Looking for average time to strip vct with the aid of an auto scrubber.

    If your trying to become efficient in vct striping and waxing , you gotta look at the equipment. Autoscrubbers are not effective stripping floors. We use propane striping machines and they are meant for large spaces. You can strip as fast as you can push a lawn mower. Now, there is striper...
  8. Sanipro

    Buying a quad jet wand?

    How much I’m in Houston
  9. Sanipro

    T J Auto Spa Steamer Machine with Jay Leno

    Dang let me know about element and how that goes . I’m going out of town this weekend but I’ll take videos of Fortador in action
  10. Sanipro

    T J Auto Spa Steamer Machine with Jay Leno

    I will send them a message. I wondered took. What ceramic coating do you use. I wanted to get c quartz
  11. Sanipro

    T J Auto Spa Steamer Machine with Jay Leno

    Oh the Fortador is perfect for clay bar. Check them out on instagram
  12. Sanipro

    T J Auto Spa Steamer Machine with Jay Leno

    Yea we still have our vapor rhino. It is a world of difference. As of power wise and amount of steam. Yea your doing it right using water extraction , the rhino doesn’t have enough steam. Think of using a Home Depot dewalt pressure washer and then a commercial 10gpm pressure washer . And the...
  13. Sanipro

    T J Auto Spa Steamer Machine with Jay Leno

    Yea I’ve noticed if the vehicle is very dirty with dirt , it is not as effective. You need water rinse and scrub first then use the steamer for extra finishing touches .
  14. Sanipro

    T J Auto Spa Steamer Machine with Jay Leno

    I got the lowest version and it was only 7. But It is dual wand , the 9 k version is the plus with auto vac but you can hook up a small wet vac and use the steam from the hose . Not worth the extra 2k
  15. Sanipro

    T J Auto Spa Steamer Machine with Jay Leno

    By far way better. I have the Fortador diesel model. Not the Fortador plus. The only difference that the plus is that they have wet vac but they want to charge 2k extra for it. I paid around 7. The one in the picture is the electric model. Do not get that one. You loose pressure. It comes with...
  16. Sanipro

    Gym floor.. Not wood. Any advice?

    What sealer are you using ?
  17. Sanipro

    I Love My Dry Vapor Steam Cleaners!

    I have two steamers . The first one was the vapor rhino. Great for small jobs . Cons is steam last twenty minutes then takes ten minutes to refill the boiler. The second one is the fordator steam machine . The engine and boiler is powered by Lamborghini from their heating division, runs on...
  18. Sanipro

    Houston area flood

    As of right now, all major highways are shut down. 45, 59, 290, 610, I10. Are all flooded in several areas. There is mandatory curfew from 10 to 5 am. Even if you show , they are going to divert you . I highly recommend to have a box truck with someone keeping a look out bc there are tons of...
  19. Sanipro

    Harvey, Praying for everyone .

    It sucks being stuck in the house not making money for the past two days now.
  20. Sanipro

    Looking for a portable in houston area

    Check out Craigslist Houston . I saw a namco portable for 400 bucks two days ago
  21. Sanipro

    Dear Bonesaw

    Yea my mistake. I buy both so much that I lose track
  22. Sanipro

    Dear Bonesaw

    Buy bare bones from Spartan chemical . Get it at your local supplier.
  23. Sanipro

    T J Auto Spa Steamer Machine with Jay Leno

    We had the optima steamer but ended up selling it and wanted something better. We ended up purchasing a Lamborghini powered steamer called Fortador . Fortador is a steam machine company which the boiler system is made by Lamborghini's ac/heating division. It is diesel powered, has a...
  24. Sanipro

    Polish white concrete garage floor

    Maybe .10 sq ft. If you have a propane burnisher , it will be easy money. And since he is your friend too
  25. Sanipro

    Lets talk steam

    So there are two machines that we carry. The great thing about steam kills bacteria is around 240 degrees. And you can prove it with an atp meter. I don't have one bc they are expensive and can't justify spending 1500 on a bacteria meter. A good starter steamer machine would be vapor rhino...