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  1. Joe Kennedy

    Brand new kitchen tile MAJOR ISSUES!

    a brand new senior care center was built in my area and I have been trying to get my foot in the door well here is my chance. The general contractor called me and said he needed the kitchen tile cleaned, Im thinking easy job brand new right? nope!!! He was trying to save money and let his...
  2. Joe Kennedy

    PMF Titanium Wands Thread

    Received this beauty today and will give her a workout and review! How is your PMF wand performing? What mods have you done to it? Any customizing? Show it off here!
  3. Joe Kennedy

    I need help with Travertine!

    So we did a job today using spinergy pads, No issues Completed everything and returned early this morning to seal the empty home. Again no problems, Now hours later the client is saying there are spots on the floor like water marks...? The marks where not there before the sealer? Help? We used...
  4. Joe Kennedy

    Show Us Your Nasty Dumps!

    Post a Video Of your foulest, nastiest dumps! No Not your poo! Your waste tank! I will start it off. This carpet looked nice but was soaked in cat piss.... yuck!!
  5. Joe Kennedy

    Bathroom Tub, Shower and glass doors questions.....

    We have some nasty hard water here in Arizona and a lot of my real estate clients are not happy with the way our tubs are turning out. We have used CLR, Ajax with bleach, Lime Away Gel, Ecolab tub and tile etc... What is you go to chemical for severe tubs and showers? Not to mention foggy glass...
  6. Joe Kennedy

    Need help with a quote....

    Need help with this quote please what would you charge a month? Medical building consisting of the following rooms, Overall SqFT 4200 2- Surgical procedure rooms 3- Offices 1- Conference room 4- Bathrooms One with a shower 1- Break room w/ Kitchen 1- Nurses Station 1- Main waiting room 1-...
  7. Joe Kennedy

    Johnny Hack Is this you?

    Cruising around Facebook and this was there :)
  8. Joe Kennedy

    VCT issue

    I got done waxing a small office 6 coats approx 1 week ago and decided to polish it with the low speed and a white polish pad, now it looks dull what gives any ideas?
  9. Joe Kennedy

    Strip and rewax with surgical precision!

    I have a large medical office. There are a few dirt spots that are under the wax. Can I strip and rewax just one room? How would you mark off the room to be able to blend new wax into existing.
  10. Joe Kennedy

    What tile is this and how do I clean it?

    This tile is on the restroom walls in an upscale doctors office. I perform both there floorcare and janitorial. The owner was curious if I could clean the scale from where people grab the towels and drip down the tile. Also under the hand soap dispenser there are drip marks. Any ideas? I...
  11. Joe Kennedy

    Help with hard water and soap scum! ON THE JOB NOW

    I'm doing a move out rental rehab. We have a glass shower door that's so scummy and white you can't see thru it! What can I use? We tried our commercial tub and tile and it didn't even flinch! TMF Big Belly Crew Founder Sent from my iPhone 5
  12. Joe Kennedy

    VCT strip and wax question

    Ok so we are beginning to get alot of calls for strip and wax. Not to mention floor maintenance burnishing etc. I get the idea of stripping and using my 175 for that. What about after is sealing required? After that 4 coats of finish w/ 30 min between coats? What's everyone's plan of attack on...
  13. Joe Kennedy

    Home and Car Stereo Thread!

    Come on guy we love our music! Post pics and Vid's of your systems. Car or Home! What you got?
  14. Joe Kennedy

    Dweyer Plumbing

    How is the chemical meter plumbed into the TM? The way im looking at it now is a tube comes from the jug of chemical into the meter bottom exits thru top of meter then to rear input of pump? Doesn't seem right. With a demand pump wouldn't it just push pressure the wrong way thru the meter? Im...
  15. Joe Kennedy

    Explaining The process to your customer.

    As you all know that do mostly LM work, Explaining the process to the customer is sometimes a interesting speech. We get a lot of questions all the time like, How does it remove dirt w/o vacuum and will it harm my carpet etc. etc. I'm interested in hearing how everyone handles this and do you...
  16. Joe Kennedy

    The HotDog Thread !

    What's you favorite hotdog and why? Simple enough! My top choices are Vienna Beef and Koegels :)
  17. Joe Kennedy

    My First Truckmount With Complete Rebuild PROJECT TIME!

    Here's the skinny, One old El Toro bought for 190o buckaroos Powered by a kohler command ch18s Blown by a Roots 45 blower Pressured by a GP General Pump Emperor HTXS1813S Previously wired by a serious tweeker No owners manual 5 cases of beer Lets get to work! I want to basically delete all...
  18. Joe Kennedy

    El Toro Truckmounts... Any experience?

    Had one pop up locally for 3 grand and need advice. is it worth it? Anyone have experience with this company
  19. Joe Kennedy

    Improving the looks of your machine. Pimpin Your Porty!

    I curious to see what you guys have done to improve just the looks of your machine. Like my Porty had no lid to cover the solution tank and the switch panel was painted steel so it was rusting. Who doesn't like diamond plate:) So since its out of the trailer I decided to mess around With some...
  20. Joe Kennedy

    Power-Flite Pfx 1300 Vacuums burnt up! Questions.

    I have the old motors out already but they don't have any numbers on them. According to the website it states the extractor has two lamb 6474-37 motors Can I replace them with these? I know they take more...
  21. Joe Kennedy

    2" Hose questions !

    I have a few questions as I want to swap to 2" hose. I have a portable the uses a plastic 1 1-2 barb connector for the vacuum. I hate it and wish to switch to mytee cuffs . Is there a special way to install the starter cuff to the machine to make it accept the 2" cuff? Also I keep hearing about...
  22. Joe Kennedy

    Need help bidding on this glue down carpet job.

    I have installed carpet on several occasions but not in this many rooms, normally I replace single rooms in rentals. I'm having a issue in figuring out a reasonable bid. 4 rooms total of glue down commercial carpet. local carpet cost is $10.00 a linear foot 1ft by 12' wide. room 1 is 6' x...
  23. Joe Kennedy

    My first trailer "lots of pics"

    My first carpet cleaning trailer. Installed is Powr Flite porty Hose reel for keeping hoses organized 13" and 20" minuteman floor machines Oreck orbitor Asst stretchers and tools to install and repair carpet kool glide pro :) chem locker tongue mounted 10,000 watt generator area lights for night...
  24. Joe Kennedy

    Encapping a dirty apartment today, photos!

    Had to whip out a little red pad action then followed it up with a bonnet finish. came out very nice. Management was going to re-carpet this!