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  1. Rory henderson

    Water extraction

    Anyone in the Woodlawn Ohio area
  2. Rory henderson

    Relief valve

    i I added this relief valve instead of that spring & plate that was on there & you won’t believe how much it improved my vacuum
  3. Rory henderson


    My blower was rattling took it of & I see this anybody know what that could be
  4. Rory henderson


    I currently run a 14/33 chem Tex,I don’t have a problem with it I have 85 5 star reviews & do great work now I just purchased a 25/45 do you guys think I will see a difference
  5. Rory henderson

    bad review

    i did a empty room used bio & a crb then extracted with truckmount after carpet dryed customer changed room around & you can see dark to light spot where bed use to sit all stains came up except for that traffic lane & i got tge worst review ever
  6. Rory henderson

    welcome to square foot pricing

    last job of the day I charged $0.35 a square foot.I usually charge 100 first 2 & hallway & 35 each additional area. Today's job normally would have been $205.00 but square foot pricing it was $327.75 ....guess it's safe to say hello square foot pricing!
  7. Rory henderson

    sapphire pro Upholstery tool

    I bought this tool & now I realize I got the portable version & not truckmount can some one tell me the difference will the portable version work with truckmount thanks
  8. Rory henderson

    housecall call pro

    I'm really liking the review system they added I'm trying to crack 100 I need about 40 more!
  9. Rory henderson

    boxxer 427

    what you guys think about a boxxer 427 for 4,000 & 2,000 hours
  10. Rory henderson

    used cimex

    I have a chance to pick up a used cimex for 400 bucks wondering is it worth it I'm not familiar with them
  11. Rory henderson

    offer up

    I just love offer up sometimes I just landed a sx-12, gekko sx-15 & a 6 jet evo wand for $350.00 I been using the evo for the last few days & that thing is a beast!
  12. Rory henderson

    wand trigger

    anybody know what this whole is for
  13. Rory henderson

    chemical pump

    interlink installed a brand new chemical pump & a brand new water pump & my chemical still only primes & want come thru the line I'm having some problem before I bought the 2 new pumps any help would be greatly appreciated....its a chemtex
  14. Rory henderson

    pmf mach 15

    just got my mach 15 titanium wand with the glide & I'm loving it already
  15. Rory henderson

    My chemical pump is not working

    my chemical pump is priming but im not getting any chemical any ideas
  16. Rory henderson

    dultmeir hot water box

    can someone tell me if the dultmeir hotwater box is worth getting its 240,000 btu's & should i get propane or kerosene any input would be appreciated thanks
  17. Rory henderson

    offer up

    i just bought this off of offer up for 300 bucks off of some guy i really use bridgepoint chems but for 300 bucks i couldnt let it go
  18. Rory henderson

    pressure gauge

    my pressure gauge went out......100 & some change @ jondon i found the exact same one with the help of my friend google for 9.99.....just saved he company a few dollars
  19. Rory henderson


    first time using petzone,ice & flex i use all bridgepoint products customer was very happy & i charged 200 for the 1 room & hallway
  20. Rory henderson

    first time using 175

    i guess its safe to say i should have been had a 175 on the truck...the things i have learned from this forum
  21. Rory henderson


    i just picked this up from a customer i knocked 50 off the bill i have never used one of these just wondering if it was worth it & it came with a few brushes & pads & some bonnet chemical
  22. Rory henderson

    Bayco valve

    Going to try this valve out anybody have any knowledge on these
  23. Rory henderson

    Help pricing a job

    Need help pricing a cleaning job....20 apartments brand new apartments never been lived in just wipe & dust down vacuum carpet swifer laminate kitchen living room & dinning room & carpet in 2 bedrooms no carpet cleaning just vacuum them out....building is 3 floors..... vacuum hallway & dust &...
  24. Rory henderson


    I have a chemtex panther and the pulley keeps slipping back off of he shaft on the blower interlink tech has no idea why it wont stay tight any one had this problem...... i even bought a brand new blower & pulley & the same thing happen.....thanks for any input Sent from my SM-G935T using TMF...