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    MDF baseboards

    Does anyone have any suggestions for this. I'm noticing more & more mdf baseboards. When I'm cleaning tile I work real hard to not allow them to get wet because they will swell up. I use a paint shield for tile cleaner but moisture can still get in baseboards from spinner. Any thoughts are...
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    Any one do "make ready"?

    Does anyone here do make ready? Getting a house or property ready for next owner or renter? I've considered adding that on but didn't know what was involved or if it's profitable. Any input on this is appreciated.
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    Vinyl plank cleaning

    Does anyone know how to clean a vinyl plank floor? It looks like wood glued to slab. Made by naturell. I was thinking of using super clean scrub brush on 175, then mopping with water. I know not to overwet. I come across this flooring fairly often, didn't know if I could make it another income...
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    Pricing questions

    I've just finished a fairly large water damage job (large for me at least). I don't have exactimate because I don't do enough large losses to justify the expense of it. I need some help on how to charge out baseboard removal, my time spent at the job, furniture moving etc... I know prices vary...
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    Area rug question

    I just picked up this rug, short version. Cat urinated on it (don't know how long it sat there) customer discovered it & hosed it out. It bled something awful. I have not tested an unaffected area yet to see if rug is actual bleeder or if it's because of urine. Can this bleeding be corrected...
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    The Proverbs Challenge

    The book of Proverbs is known as the book of wisdom. Without trying to sound preachy, I would encourage anyone & everyone who is interested to read a proverb a day at least for the month of January. There are 31 proverbs and 31 days. The chapters are full of nuggets of wisdom on just about every...
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    Question of good sealer

    I am bidding a shower to clean & seal, I need a good product to seal not only the grout but the stone too. Usually I only seal grout so I'm not familiar with products that will do both. She has this same stone (looks like slate to me) not sure though on her floors & it has some type of sealer on...
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    Rug dusting question

    Many times when I'm dusting a rug (badger). It seems like I never get dirt to stop coming out. I'm spending a lot if time going over them time after time. I know some are dirtier than others. & that dirt comes out in the wash but I seem to be spending an lot if time just trying to get it ready...