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  1. Ed Valentine

    Can you say; "BS?!"

    Over the years, all of us have heard the old saying that "a machine is only as good as its operator". I'm not only referring to the results, but also the way the machine is taken care of. How true. In fact, as a manufacturer, I have witnessed this to be true! Let me state an example. Now, I...
  2. Ed Valentine


    Blake; If your wish and desire is to compete in this industry, then in order to do so, you will require some competitive results producing equipment. Bissel has its place in the consumer market. However, it is far bottom line for this industry and you will end up burning out if not, thrown out...
  3. Ed Valentine

    Really miss the old TMF days!

    Johnny Bravo stated it clearly and directly which I agree with when he said: "Facebook didn't help things, but I watched the place decline before Facebook did it's thing." IMHO, The reason for this as Rob also recognized, were the influx of a few "trouble makers" with specific agendas. I...
  4. Ed Valentine

    Today is an extremely sad day

    So very sorry to hear this news, Rob. As unfortunate as it is, the reality of it all is that None of us are going to make it out of here alive, however, all of us will have those terrific memories of the past which we will always cherish. Make these final days one of joy, appreciation, and...
  5. Ed Valentine

    A NEW portable machine!

    here it is:
  6. Ed Valentine

    Need affordable options for swimming pool

    I know a little through my own experience, thus, I can easily understand your position. I purchased the smallest pool They had available some 32 years ago. Capacity: approx: 5,200 gallons. And, man I am so glad I did. My kids were small at the time. Extremely easy to take care; hardly use any...
  7. Ed Valentine

    Pumptec 205 vs 207 pump

    Thanks, Ronman for that explanation. I would believe that the .110 cam would work just fine here in the States (120v). Hope the vinegar helps!!!
  8. Ed Valentine

    Pumptec 205 vs 207 pump

    my cam bearing seems fine, but it's a 110 on a 1/3HP Baldor motor, which seemed to run fine, made some hammering noise, I see some mushrooming on the plunger, but the pressure was on again off again.---I would change the piston/plunger. Is a 110 cam a good match for a 1/3 hp motor?---Probably...
  9. Ed Valentine

    Jaguar CUB unleashed!

    Emerson; Glad you are very, very happy with your Jaguar CUB and it's performance! It was nice to hear from you.
  10. Ed Valentine

    All this mask crap is just like

    Just wonder how many Operators are wearing a face mask? And, I really wonder how effective they are since most everyone re-uses them. And, how about ones clothing? Do they wear a cap and wash that to after one use? Just how safe is the common person or is most of this safety "just-in-their...
  11. Ed Valentine

    Tecnoviking is making a come back LET THE HATE BEGIN

    Odin makes a great machine, period.
  12. Ed Valentine

    Hot Water Extraction Using Portables

    "Keep looking"..............................................................................
  13. Ed Valentine

    Jaguar Cub: Ed Valentine

    I sincerely thank all above since we work very, very hard to help anyone asking for help in this Industry. You deserve it! James, I think you'll love that system once you "unleash it"! Thanks again; Ed Valentine
  14. Ed Valentine

    Jaguar Cub: Ed Valentine

    Thank you, Qbguru1987, for that comment. We try to treat every customer like family. We wish everyone in this Industry the very best and help them along the way toward success. After all, anyone in their own business needs to suround themselves with a handful of people they can trust will be...
  15. Ed Valentine

    Portable Making funny sounds! Help

    "A good deal?" Call us and we just might give you a GREAT DEAL! IMHO, a very important thing to always remember when buying used: "Is it used; or, used up!" But, in the end, we eventually obtain experience from doing things wrong. Thus continue to move ahead and never look back! Hope this...
  16. Ed Valentine

    Portable Making funny sounds! Help

    Hard to say with limited information. However, here is what I would do: Eliminate the variables by not using your heater for a few jobs. Then see if your machine makes that sound again. I would guess that the heater could be cavitating and thus producing that sound. Hope this helps. Ed...
  17. Ed Valentine

    Low Suction on Namco Husky?

    Here's a good start: 1. Sounds like there is an obstruction (clog) in your wand, perhaps in the barrel. Back flush it using a garden hose . Best; Ed Valentine
  18. Ed Valentine

    The Aftermath

    Most of businesses, now, have been given the go-ahead to open. I was wondering how many of you are back and have a few of those customers who have been on hold prior to this pandemic , now cancelled? In other words, for obvious reasons. Fortunately here, We have had more inquiries than we ever...
  19. Ed Valentine

    Losing Pressure

    Possibilities: 1. Chinese QD"S or using two different manufactured QD's. 2. Restriction on inlet side of pump (ex: kinked hose) 3. PSI pump Drive motor not large enough Most likely, one of those above. Hope this helps. Ed V
  20. Ed Valentine

    You think you can trust the media

    I agree; most of these so called "journalists" are nothing than spewing their opinions rather than investigating and reporting the truthful news; good or bad. One doesn't have to be affiliated with either party to realize this. Just have to be smart, investigate, have common sense, and be honest...
  21. Ed Valentine

    Best portable comercial extractor?

    Correction update: The Cross-American JAGUAR MX-2 ETM has always been available in 240v and always will be regardless of what anyone has heard or of any "rumors". Specific confidential circumstances will not honorably be shared within this or any public forum. And, btw, we do not blame JRH for...
  22. Ed Valentine

    No calls

    And, never forget Gentlemen: Tough times never last but tough people do. These times will eventually be history. Stand firm and move forward.
  23. Ed Valentine

    No calls

    I totally agree with Spazznout above. You must remember and realize that all businesses have their ups and downs, especially when new/upstarts. Even in "good times". However, use this particular time to your benefit. Review your strategy, the way you are set up to run your business, your...
  24. Ed Valentine

    Automatic garden hose reel

    Ara Klujian is one of the nicest and honorable person one could ever meet. A true Gentleman and business person.