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  1. Citrox1

    Thinking of getting out.

    After some thought I think I may get out of the business. I originally started this business to as an ancillary service for another interest I have. The carpet business just doesn't perform as well as other things I have going, and frankly it's becoming draining. I feel the time I invest...
  2. Citrox1

    Joke of the day

    Mafia Godfather finds out that his bookkeeper, Guido, has cheated him out of $10,000,000. His bookkeeper is deaf. That was the reason he got the job in the first place. It was assumed that Guido would hear nothing so he would not have to testify in court. When the Godfather goes to confront...
  3. Citrox1

    Where's the media ?

    Where is the media attention ? where is Rev Al and Jessie ? Where are the Entertainers and Stars?
  4. Citrox1

    How long for 5,500 CGD ?

    How long would you estimate it would take to HWE 5,500 Sq.ft of CGD with a 12" wand? Space is all open, broken into 8 medium sized rooms, and one very large room.,moderate soiling at worst.
  5. Citrox1

    Wands and Hardwood floors

    Does anyone use a wand to clean and rinse hardwood floors? If you don't have a Dragon or similar unit and are using a bucket and mop, it would seem easier to turn down the psi and heat on the TM, and use a dedicated wand with a soft brush or soft glided head to rinse and remove dirt, followed...
  6. Citrox1

    Bright blacklight.

    I ordered one of these a couple weeks ago, I figured for $18 I couldn't go wrong. WOW is this little thing bright !..... I intend to buy a couple more of these. I was using a larger Streamlight "Twintask " light that frankly sucked, at least while using the black light mode. I just can't...
  7. Citrox1

    Hose reel direction.

    I've found while using my manual reel it's easier to reel the vac hose with the hose exiting the reel at the bottom, this allows me to push down on the reel to wind hose in, oddly enough I wind my fresh water and solution hoses the opposite direction....what direction are you guys reeling your...
  8. Citrox1

    All Star Teams....

    Lets put aside the bickering for awhile and have a little fun. If you were building an All Star team of TMF'ers in the following groups, who would you choose for your team? You can use any member, and use them as in as many groups as you like. Choose 4 members per group. Categories are ...
  9. Citrox1

    Think I'll get sued?

    I was thinking of adding "Has Stanley got you Steamed ? " to my advertising, what do you think?;)
  10. Citrox1

    EDDM or Door hangers.

    I'm looking to hit a few select neighborhoods, perhaps 1,500 homes or so. I'm worried a EDDM might be overlooked or lost in the mail, a door hanger would be a lot more work, but perhaps a better return, what's been your experience with the two?
  11. Citrox1

    Vac hose lengths

    Does anyone find using short sections of vac hose makes things easier while cleaning, as well as being easier to bring the hose in and out the house? Most houses in the region are two floors ,starting at the furthest point of the house I find two 50' sections will get me out the door on 99% of...
  12. Citrox1

    I've been thinking about wickback.....

    I think us HWE guys should start promoting wickback in a positive light. VLM/encappers are always touting the benefit of no wickback with their system, but in reality what they are really saying is" don't worry, we will leave the "stain" in the carpet backing and pad where you will never see...
  13. Citrox1

    Great deal on Demon clone

    This is a great deal on a Demon clone, I would buy it but I have an identical unit badged by Pacific Tsunami. The thing is well worth $400 delivered TYD.
  14. Citrox1

    Big truck debate.

    First let me say I am in no way disparaging those who choose the big truck, big machine approach to our business. I realize all markets are different and may require different approaches to succeed accordingly. However I simply cannot wrap my mind around why most carpet cleaners would consider...
  15. Citrox1

    Kudos to Aabaco products.

    I recently contacted Aabaco to inquire about a couple of their products, mainly their citrus pre-spray ASAP has recommended. I spoke with Jennie who told me she would be happy to send out a few small samples to try out, which I thought was great. A week or so later I had all but forgotten...
  16. Citrox1

    Off topic, but really cool.

    Wow I wonder how long this took to build and set-up.
  17. Citrox1

    Rokan double stack bracket.

    Is anyone using the double stack bracket with their Rokan hose reels ? it seems like it would save a bit of space having the solution and cold water reels mounted on the same side of the hose reel frame.
  18. Citrox1

    3/8" air hose for supply line

    Does anyone use 3/8" air hose for their cold water supply line ? I've heard of some folks doing this it's much lighter and easier to manage and roll up.
  19. Citrox1

    SX-12 or Wespac spinner ?

    For those that have experience with one or both spinners, which do you prefer, also what have you found to be the pros and cons of each for largely residential cleaning?
  20. Citrox1

    360i...... standard or brush head?

    360i users......... do you find you get better results with the standard head, or carpet brush head, or perhaps find no discernible difference in the two ? Any specific benefit to either head in residential vs commercial applications ?
  21. Citrox1

    VELOCITY TECH reel ?

    Has anyone been able to get in touch with Velocity Tech recently ? I'm interested in getting one of their hose reels, however they do not answer their phone or call back after leaving a message.