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  1. racebum

    flojet pump blowing fuses after hours of use?

    had an odd one develop. have the standard flojet 4325-143 pump and pressure tank kit on the freshwater system. anyone ever see or hear of a motor failing in this way? it blew a fuse last month. checked wires, replaced. ran about 30 hours of carpet cleaning, popped another fuse. going to wire it...
  2. racebum

    quick fix for dying boxxer 421 potentiometers

    if any of you have a boxxer 421 and notice the potentiometer goes yearly it's rooted in the design. they are not sealed and moisture causes rust and after time the contacts are shot often causing an overheat situation where the potentiometer basically does nothing. welcome to china...
  3. racebum

    boxxer 421 diverter flickering, randomly

    every now and again my boxxer will flicker, i'll notice the heat coming up and or it will overheat and shut down. when i'm standing there watching it the green diverter light is either flickering and you can hear the solenoid clicking or it's stuck in heat mode. oddly enough if you punch the...
  4. racebum

    question about galvanize pipe on the truckmount

    hour or so ago i was changing the male nipple on a boxxer 421, go to tighten it back down and it doesn't get tight, back it off and of course i snapped the male pipe thread. anyway hydramaster uses what looks like a brass/copper T fitting for the last step injection to go into and then the...
  5. racebum

    Gates 250deg pressure hose? anyone use it?

    just talked to a local supplier and they are switching from goodyear to gates pressure hose. the deals aren't half bad at $55 per 50ft chunk which is considerably cheaper than interlink or jon don. in the automotive hose world gates is typically seen as the same or slightly better than...
  6. racebum

    ever lose that check ball in your hydro force?

    earlier i had a spec of debris get in the check valve, pulled it apart only to watch the bearing/ball valve roll over a balcony. what to do..... well, after looking around the shop for a minute i realize that non xtr shimano bicycle hubs use the same size bearings as the check valve. i...
  7. racebum

    12" vs 14" wands on the TM

    just ordered a westpak 0550 wand today which is the 14" 4-jet version. anyway, get a call, they are out for the next 3 weeks. wound up getting a 0535 link not valid which is this guy in its place. is there much of a difference between the 12s and 14s? one would think a 12 would have more...
  8. racebum

    weird one today....

    i had a crazy one today. doing the carpets in this condo, nice neighborhood, bout 6pm. mid way through this old man walks over, right through the front door of the home of people he does not know and asks me if i think it's reasonable to be cleaning "this late" i then mention residential is...
  9. racebum

    How to stop telemarketers

    this is a post i found on another site very nice walk though on what to do with these guys. i've experimented with what's said and noticed a reduction in spam calls
  10. racebum

    new type of low cost ad

    was looking through today and found a slightly different type of ad says $69 for carpet or duct cleaning, BUT, there is no mention of what you're...
  11. racebum

    diverter valve bolts, a question

    just curious what you guys use for diverter valve bolts. i own a boxxer 421 which has the typical gasket blow out on the valve, went to replace them and like many others 2 bolts snapped off and sooner or later i'll be drilling and removing. anyway since 99% of what hydramaster sells is...
  12. racebum

    winter time and keeping the TM warm

    just thought i would pass along a great deal on a ceramic space heater for $20 shipped and get everyone thinking about not letting their unit freeze. code EMCJKHC74 will save $8 and give you free shipping...
  13. racebum

    Helpful tip of the day

    check your business on it will comb the local major citations and show you where you're listed and where you're not all for free and in about 30 seconds another helpful post brought to you by racebum inc
  14. racebum

    Google page rank update just confirmed

    for those of you who do your own web work and pay attention to this sort of thing a web wide page rank update has just hit. hard to say if everyone has been swept yet but i just personally gained page rank with my main page and a lot of chatter is showing it's web wide. curious about your own...
  15. racebum

    is anyone on this forum a editor?

    just curious if anyone is an editor at dmoz. i've had a submission in since Feb? and it still hasn't been listed. does anyone actually update that site anymore?> :confused:
  16. racebum

    sudden fall in google places

    this one has me stumped and experience would be a real help in this situation. i've been ranking on the top of google places in my home town and quite well for at least 15 other search terms. last night i went from A to the top of page 2 in a snap. now on to how to correct this money killing...
  17. racebum

    another must see useful post

    there's really too much to type here but this video or this series of videos needs to be watched by everyone in this forum. that does their own marketing and another golden one about no follow...
  18. racebum

    domain names with or without the -

    did a back to back test over the past 60 days with a two cleaning related domains that had almost identical material and page layout. one was a single phrase keyword the other had - between the words, like carpet-cleaning- etc absolutely no contest, i made sure both were indexed and let them...
  19. racebum

    Friend of mine just went out of business. Couldn't market

    Just got a call not long ago from a friend who's going to give his equipment back and take whatever credit hit that comes with it. He just couldn't find enough work to stay busy. It started to make me think how those of us in business are usually nothing more than a bunch of small jobs /...