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  1. The Magician

    Briggs & Stratton

    Briggs & Stratton established in 1908 by 2 men Mr. Briggs & Mr. Stratton They are the largest small engine builders. They have filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy, blaming the virus
  2. The Magician


    Hey Rob, hows your foot? Did you seek medical assistance? Whats the prognosis
  3. The Magician

    Wall washing

    What's your home made recipe for cleaning nicotine stained walls?
  4. The Magician

    Hey Rob

    Do you still have the electric motors for hose reels?? Couldn't find them in the store.
  5. The Magician

    Electric hose reel motor

    I need a motor for a rokan hose reel. Where can I purchased one? I checked the TMF store and jon-don store and they don't have one. Where can I purchase one?
  6. The Magician

    Waste tank leaking

    My aluminum waste tank has a few holes towards the bottom of the tank. What can I use to patch it? Thanks.
  7. The Magician


    Nexus was a smaller show but a good one. I had the pleasure of meeting Tre and his associate.Tre had me laughing with his jokes and I didn't have to show him my magic. The TMF booth setup nice and I got to see the new wands and chemicals. Tre fixed me up free chemicals, booties, tmf decals etc...
  8. The Magician


    RIP... Ivan passed away. He was the one of the leaders of carpet cleaning green cleaning. His specialty was procyon cleaning agents
  9. The Magician

    I spun the Wheel

    I spun the truckmount store wheel and won $10.00 dollars off. $10.00 off store special and my 15% military discount. I got a good deal on the hydro force inline sprayer. Received it in 2 days. I liked the video on the sprayer too. Thanks Rob. Now what to buy in Nexus Las Vegas?
  10. The Magician

    2 more Days

    2 more days, till I'm in warm Las Vegas drinking beer at Nexus and specking out AZ new porty. Who else is going?
  11. The Magician

    Rob and others

    Whose going to Nexus in Las Vegas. I will be there.
  12. The Magician

    Vacuum gauge

    Where can I purchase a truck mount vacuum gauge? Local parts store don't carry them anymore and employees don't know what a vac gauge is. Different
  13. The Magician

    TMF board

    the board and store is running slow on my computer.? I can only type 1 word at a time. Any one else having problems?
  14. The Magician

    Vegas attendees

    Who's attending Experience in crazy Vegas. Learn all the latest cleaning info and have a good time meeting friends.
  15. The Magician


    Tired of cookies. Evertime I log onto TMF I get asked to accept cookies. Never had that before. What's going on?
  16. The Magician

    Vacuum guage

    Where can I purchase a vacuum guage
  17. The Magician

    Vinyl Siding

    I'm thinking about power washing my vinyl siding using my tm. Any one have a secret recipe for cleaning the siding. I need something that will not kill grass or flowers. Any tips? Thanks
  18. The Magician

    Gas prices

    Hows the gas prices in your area. Reg. $2.79 Hi test $3.49 Just filled up my 67 Chevelle SS 396 20 gals. Any motor heads here?
  19. The Magician

    Tank filter VS after market in line filter

    Any one remove their tank filter and install a in line filtered? Pros and Cons
  20. The Magician

    What about Dave?

    Haven't seen Dave Aloha post in some time. Anyone heard from him? Hope he's doing well
  21. The Magician

    Bill Bane

    Bill Bane, industry icon passes. He was the founder of Bance Clene. The first to build a electric trunk mount. The industry will miss him.
  22. The Magician

    Eric Sapp

    Eric haven't seen you post in awhile. Are you ok?
  23. The Magician

    Propane Costs

    Propane sky rocketed, up 200% due to the minus below 0 weather conditions. Up from $1.90 to over $4.00 per gal. Shortage of propane and many dists. driving to NC to fill up. Probably only lasting to March/April.
  24. The Magician

    How to clean Vinyl

    Looking for a good vinyl product to clean and soften the interior of my 67 Chevelle. Any suggestions? Thanks
  25. The Magician


    Any motor heads here? Muscle or antique vehicles. List what you own List here 1. 67 Chevelle...