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  1. Luky

    You are NOT your client!!

    I kindly disagree with a second part of your post, I rather do 1room free for army vet or where I see fitted( low income household), than small stuff for first timer. On your next visit they'll be like: " remember, you did that rug and ottoman at no charge" Usually , those small things take...
  2. Luky

    Wicking problem from hell---Need help!!

    I know you'd be wondering, so...
  3. Luky

    Starting Issue

    My fuel pump got busted after 18 months and I had faulty kill switch in waste tank after a year. You wouldn't have to be able to start engine at all if kill switch is the problem. Fuel pump can work intermittently , so it gets tricky Fuel filter before carburetor or clogged air filter would...
  4. Luky

    Getting that hourly up

  5. Luky

    Burst of pressure then dies when keyed

    Pulsating means water restriction or no water in hot box( yours is like 1 gallon)which points again to the first cause or water pump is about to go, it can be loose wire also. I wouldn't disassemble valves on water pump yet.
  6. Luky

    Burst of pressure then dies when keyed

    Monster equals hot water box or you talking about container used for rinse agents or detergents. In case of latter , using powder rinse may have been the culprit. Sometimes it happens when you switch to different product or products get mixed together and cause the slurry.
  7. Luky

    Getting that hourly up

    Where to begin... Reviews are great, but won't guarantee continuous flow of customers. It can take year or two for you to get that number. In current, modern day world, being in someone's house for over 6 hours doesn't make you better Pro ( at least in my neck of woods) it's a travesty...
  8. Luky

    Rotovac Bonzer for sale -used

    On long runs, wide open areas, I like to use CX-15. Let's just say, I didn't aquire taste for Bonzer. Even Bonzer is locking down on cgd because of enormous " super power" of Relia-built setup I operate. . My next toy will be " self propelled wand", until then, I'm gonna be using variety...
  9. Luky

    Sometimes you have to walk

    We had these talks ( about feeling charitable) many times in the past. I feel that I have to categorize customers in order to justify charging less, chargin' more&chargin' outrageously high. " Pick - choose your customers ", you say. Am I hearing right? Well, I get calls from middle class...
  10. Luky

    Wicking problem from hell---Need help!!

    I got easy one for you , guys. Would you use VLM or HWE? 1-8**- junk? It's very sad that landlords don't have adequate access to their property to keep tenants in check. In any case, great negligence on both sides....
  11. Luky

    Sometimes you have to walk

    Gentle giant - 5' long, 125 lbs. Loyal&protective. Chased rabbits, squirrels and coyotes, whichever was available. Cancer took him at age 12
  12. Luky

    Rotovac Bonzer for sale -used

    Used less than 10 times. Asking $1000. Buyer is paying for shipping. Price for NZ, Australia and Europe is $700
  13. Luky

    Fresh water tank

    Is that 110 gallons Hydramaster?
  14. Luky

    How many psi should be used?

    I can't believe my eyes, how could you mutilate Mytee Lint Hog this bad on both sides. If you don't like swivel cuffs ( who likes them anyways) why not to use non-swivel one. You don't need to put together 3 piece contraption in order to connect 2" vacuum hose to an inline filter. This is...
  15. Luky

    No matter how low you price that job to get it

    What? $150 for one room ? Let me talk to my husband .....
  16. Luky

    Rotovac Bonzer Review. Day one and on.

    I have Bonzer for sale, but if the reason getting it is your failing shoulder, I don't advise it. I did today 10 k of cgd and for open areas I've opted for CX 15 instead of Bonzer . P.S. Any wand weighs up to 10lb, with glides is not to bad to swing it ( I'm not glides friendly) Bonzer weighs...
  17. Luky

    What do you say when your clients ask...

    In all seriousness, no service provider can guarantee that whole cleaned area gets dry in 2, 4, 6 or more ours. It all depends on level of soil , different methods of putting down prespray, , amount of cfm and lift employed, number of dry strokes, etc, etc. On breezy day with humidity...
  18. Luky

    Portable Making funny sounds! Help

    First thing in the order buying used equipment is checking its " vitals" There is no excuse such: " I have no experience and seller told me that everything works just fine " Remove plastic covers on electric motors and by turning fan blades on the bottom of each motor clockwise and...
  19. Luky

    Who are the best independent truck mount makers?

    I own Relia-built model with actuator and accu- link belt. Oil changes, coupler and belt replacement, blower greasing and all around maintenance requires minimal mechanical skills...
  20. Luky

    Got low T? Official Steroid Thread

    Must be a very stinky spam. More than four years old... Phew ..
  21. Luky

    Portable for in home use, Fort Worth, Texas

    Hello there, rather than having a strict budget, you should be giving more thoughts as to what you really want to do. You started leisurely about maintenance cleaning of your home, carpet, upholstery, than you thinking to get on board some friends and family. You also mentioned possible tile...
  22. Luky

    I hate cleaning Tile with MDF baseboard

    Just before Covid hit, I did water extraction in newly opened bar. Wet, painted mdf all over the place was crumbling before my very eyes. It's been sitting in the water for a while. So yes, anytime I slightly touched the baseboard with wand, it left marks. In such cases( water damages) I...
  23. Luky


    Speaking of sea fishing, six hours trip paid off. My son's first deep sea fishing experience...