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  1. K

    Leave if you want

    It’s a free country if you don’t like something leave who gives a damn I will stay here and listen to rob cause he speaks the truth and sometimes to people that are blind it hurts them in the end you loose buddy.
  2. K


    This is the silencer on my prochem 805 I am rebuilding looks real restrictive opinions please ,I may be doing away with the vacuum blower exhaust heat exchangers.
  3. K

    Box truck

    I am setting up my next box truck my old one had thin plywood on the walls was thinking about putting that white shower wall stuff I think it’s fiberglass just looking for thoughts thanks Ken
  4. K

    5LP compatability

    Will a 56 blower take the place of. 5lp blower that’s in a prochem 805 would appreciate some solid info before purchase thanks Ken
  5. K

    Sutorbilt 5lp

    I am looking for a 5lp for my prochem 805 I got the word that the housing was worn past the tolerances thanks Ken it’s a sutorbilt 5lp maybe somthing that will adapt.
  6. K

    Blower gear off

    Moved my 805 over to pull blower exhaust heat exchangers put it back ran it sounded good a lot more vacuum,started in the morning making a weird screeching sound pulled cover saw this anybody seen this before thanks Ken
  7. K

    Choices of encap

    Anybody encap with a buffer and red pad and pre spray with pump up sprayer how does it compare to having the fancy machines thanks Ken
  8. K


    i was wondering if anybody had any feedback good or bad on the Prochem 805 thanks Ken
  9. K

    New member

    hello my name Ken I used to participate on the old ics forum years ago when I first started . I am in bus in New Mexico 20 minutes south of alb . I started my bus in 1997, I have a question for somebody I acquired an old steamaway turbo matic it has a 5 blower cat pump kohler USA