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  1. ccrusdf

    Starting a weight off today... I am tired of being overweight!!

    Reduce your sugar intake. I replaced Coke with Coke Zero and dropped the weight rather quickly without exercise. Being an avid soda drinker for years, I did this swap and it has worked for me.
  2. ccrusdf

    10 minute patch

    Nice job (several years later!)! Just did several patches today!
  3. ccrusdf

    Who are you?

    Panera Bread baker manager as my primary job, got into carpet cleaning as a tech just recently, back in July '17. Looking to learn more about the trade. Hobbies are health and fitness, cooking and baking.
  4. ccrusdf

    Multiple Choice Test, What's your favorite uniform?

    B. Polo Shirt & Shorts Specifically, golf polo shirt with company logo and flexible golf shorts. Pants tend to "attract" more soil and makes me look unkempt as I go to job site to job site.