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    Has anyone used a unit from TCS?

    I went to supplier the other day 4 vans waiting for repair guy there said they were waiting on parts I can fix anything on my powermatic.
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    Customer wants me to pay $65 because I apparently didn't put their furnace door completely back on.

    Ya you did the right thing I think, your name is good and hopefully they will use you again.
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    All this mask crap is just like

    Hacky-sack I apologize for my words and anybody else I offended .
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    Today is an extremely sad day

    Sorry to hear about that rob
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    All this mask crap is just like

    It’s easy to talk trash on the keyboard what are you really like man to man I don’t believe you have anything to put up except your mouth I back my words anyday little left wing wuss
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    All this mask crap is just like

    The only cunts are you little bit and I ain’t no newbie go fudge yourself
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    All this mask crap is just like

    The only cunts are little bit
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    All this mask crap is just like

    Hacky sack they should of aborted your ass
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    Leave if you want

    Who cares what any of you left wing communists say.
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    Leave if you want

    It’s a free country if you don’t like something leave who gives a damn I will stay here and listen to rob cause he speaks the truth and sometimes to people that are blind it hurts them in the end you loose buddy.
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    I am a fisherman also I like river fishing for trout and also trolling for trout in New Mexico.
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    Any Idea on approx. amount of stripper needed for a ...

    A lot depends on how much wax is on it.
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    I was offering free carpet cleaning

    Ya Odin we have one of those governors also.
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    suggestion of a price for Prochem Performer 805

    When I purchased the box truck which what I was after the machine was in there so it was a bonus but they take up a lot of room they are big.
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    suggestion of a price for Prochem Performer 805

    I have one I am rebuilding the one I have has gone through two blowers don’t know if it was bad maint ,ya they get hot if working properly but this one had a lot of things wrong. I replaced all the pressure lines on it and repainted the frame but if your not interested in it let me know could...
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    Oh ok srd thanks so if I keep that I will leave my exhaust exchangers in tact but when looking at it it has tiny circles looks like a lot of air has to find its way through there.
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    Thinking this will let it breathe better don’t know looking for advice.
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    This is the silencer on my prochem 805 I am rebuilding looks real restrictive opinions please ,I may be doing away with the vacuum blower exhaust heat exchangers.
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    My prediction for carpet cleaning this year

    Did you notice this virus came right after the dems lost the impeachment. I will say this this is the left,communist,one world order at work anything to keep trump out of office that’s my opinion and I believe it.
  20. K

    There's lots of young people starting to showing up in the ICU all over America due to Corona Virus!

    Well I understand what you are saying but maybe we are the generation that has to start the change it will take time but it can be done if we stick together or die trying.
  21. K

    Better person

    Rob I think as long as we have the lord in our life we are always going to be challenged to change for the better I defiantly thing some things may hurt just some carpet cleaners opinion
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    Looking for a used Kohler CH-25

    I have one on a powermatic.