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    What yo look for when buying a used extractor.

    Came across a mytee LTD $1000 500psi wand and upholstery tool.
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    Grout brush safe?

    Will a grout brush and cleaner be overkill? Does it need a refinish or just a good clean?
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    Wood gluedown is it safe to extract?

    Need to clean a carpet don't know what method to use. I think it's glued down to wood.
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    How to fix this?

    They want me to clean this up by spray buffing or cleaning with a green pad. Is the only alternative a complete strip wax?
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    Hey everyone I'm new to the forum. I've been offered Nautilus Mx3-200h possibly with a rotovac powerwand. What I want to know is if this machine is powerful enough for small commercial work. I have a varió oscillator and a 175 to help agitate.