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  1. Hoss4x4

    Cedar Cleaning

    I have never messed with Cedar, but a client that we do his rental houses is willing to pay the rate I want to drive down and do his private residence. What process/chemicals have you used to clean Cedar trim and Cedar siding?
  2. Hoss4x4

    DI and WFP Learning experiences

    I understand the overall process of the WFP, however I would like to how you made the switch, what system you started with, lessons learned and what you would do different.
  3. Hoss4x4

    Larger Water Pump

    So I sold my business several years ago in Florida and move back to MI. The business has been slowly sucking me back in. I found a truck mount carpet cleaning trailer with accessories I can use for my van and use the trailer for the power washing. I was thinking about putting a larger water...
  4. Hoss4x4

    Does BNI really work

    For those of you who belong to BNI, does it really work for the amount of money and time you have to put in?
  5. Hoss4x4

    Mid Michigan Cleaners

    If you are looking at selling, expanding, or need an investor then PM me. Sold my business in Florida and have missed it the last 11 months! We are in Mid MI now.
  6. Hoss4x4

    Cost of Supplies

    How do you guys keep track of cost of supplies? Rags, vacs, brooms, chemicals and so on. I get chemicals for the most part, but they vary so much per job. Do you include these supplies on your Gross profit or do labor only for your gross profit.
  7. Hoss4x4

    Additional Charges

    What are special items you guys charge for? We have a $25 charge if we need to bring our own water. We have a 35 gallon water tank in the van. We also charge $25 if we need to use our Generator if the house has no power. Just wanting to get other ideas to make sure we are not missing out.
  8. Hoss4x4


    Any one use Ammo products? Have a friend who is a professional detailer introduce them to me. They are pricey but amazing. We did my car a few weeks back and I was hooked. Bought the whole system to try.
  9. Hoss4x4

    Mold Growing in storage tank

    Our pressure washing trailer is working great and has really help our productivity. We need to add a filter on the water supply from the tank to the machine. The other issue is how do I keep our tank from molding inside? We thought about adding some SH from time to time but wanted to get your...
  10. Hoss4x4

    Odor house, carpet?

    We have a house that has an odor. The family room carpet has been replaced, but the master bedroom still smells. When we get on our hands and knees the carpet does not smell but we believe it is coming from the carpet. Can I spray something down like 9D9 or odorcide. Trying to get the house...
  11. Hoss4x4

    Quality Control

    How do you control quality for those of you who have employee's. On our cleaning side we found two great girls. They have been cleaning for 20 years and have done a great job. We use to help/check up on all jobs. They quality has since been good so we stopped going to just clean up jobs...
  12. Hoss4x4

    Pulsating pressure hose

    Got the trailer refurbed and took it out for a test run on a job. It worked so awesome compared to setting up each time. We ran into pulsating towards the end. I am going to eliminate the water tank and run to faucet. I will then see if something flushing out. What else could it be? I just...
  13. Hoss4x4

    Recommended Equipment list Sticky

    There are a ton of threads about what equipment is required for restoration work. Can we have a few experienced professionals create a sticky with a average equipment list for the Water, Fire and Mold?
  14. Hoss4x4

    Florida Restoration Expansion, Partner, or Invester

    To Florida people. We currently own a cleaning contracting company. We would eventually like to get into restoration. Currently I still have a day job and my wife runs the daily operations of our business. We would like to find some one to team up with for restoration work. We have the...
  15. Hoss4x4

    OZONE process help

    I did a search and found a lot of threads about ozone machines and when to use it. We are going to OZONE a rental house and need to know any precautions. We understand the house will need to be empty. We will remove the lock box and make a sign. Any tips to help? This client is very...
  16. Hoss4x4

    Heat or No Heat.............That is the question

    Our pressure washing side is starting to grow. We did a drive way last week that took us over 5 hours with a 4GPM pressure washer and surface tool. I am thinking about getting a 8GPM machine with surface tool. My main question at this point is, how many of you use heat. It seems like the...
  17. Hoss4x4

    Paint on driveway

    I have a client that his kids spray painted stuff in the driveway. He wants us to remove the paint. What is your process? DO you have any chemicals recommend?
  18. Hoss4x4

    Roof Cleaning rig and house wash applicator

    I currently Pressure wash. I down stream houses now. I have turned two roof cleaning jobs down. I thought about getting a 125 gallon poly tank with a 12volt pump to do roofs. They are few and far between to make a large investment. My question is. I was thinking about building this unit...
  19. Hoss4x4

    ROI on Equipment

    I am trying to figure out my ROI on my carpet extractor. The numbers I came up with I do not card for. Please let me know what you think. I will do it using $100hr running to be conservative. $100hr x 5000hr(guessing life of machine)=$500,000 Revenue generated by equipment...
  20. Hoss4x4

    3 year carpet

    One of our clients are having an issue with their carpet. We are kind of in the middle. The property manager says they only installed a 3 year carpet. The home owner thinks that is crazy. So do we. The carpet is VERY worn and seems are coming apart. Have you ever heard of 3 year carpet?
  21. Hoss4x4

    Vehicle for cleaning supplies

    Currently we use a large van to haul our equipment. It works great for having inventory and always extra supplies. This helps us with not having to leave the job site in a pinch. Our carpet machine is in a tadem axle trailer which the van pulls during carpet jobs. We are starting to get...
  22. Hoss4x4

    Working Capital

    We are getting bigger/busier. I have done a few big jobs the last few weeks and our capital reserves have got drained more than what makes me comfortable. How much working capital do you try to keep in your business? If you don't want to answer that how much do you think it takes? What rule...
  23. Hoss4x4

    Restoration.............How do the little guys do it?

    If you are a small company how do you handle water and fire restoration. We started a clean up this week for a fire and we estimate four people four days. If it was just my wife and I we would never be able to do it. We got lucky that two of our cleaners had friends looking for some work...
  24. Hoss4x4

    Suppression Spray

    We are starting our first smoke clean up. The smell is bad. From class they say to spray a suppression spray. I bought 9D9 but it says to use in a compression sprayer and not in a ULV sprayer. I was thinking about laying down 9D9 with a pump up sprayer then deodorized with my ULV to make it...
  25. Hoss4x4

    Roof Cleaning Rigs

    Let's see your rigs for roof cleaning. Did you buy the set up or build it?