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  1. Raymon

    SOS type water claw

    Do you happen to know where you purchased your sos tool?
  2. Raymon

    Not Another Pre Spray Thread....

    That’s a nice wrap you got
  3. Raymon

    Looking for a used Prochem Apex

    We retiring one apex from our fleet this summer , Very good dependable machine. We have had this machine run 10-12 jobs a day in the multi family industry for 4 years now no heck ups. PM if interested located in Glendale Arizona
  4. Raymon

    Air-Care TruckMaster Duct System

    Contact me I'm looking for another unit, ray 623-206-9263
  5. Raymon

    Thoughts on Carpet Dyeing?

    Go ahead and start with color restoration it's a nice processes to explain and also to learn it the right will profit on it over where I'm at in arizona it's not that big just couse most of my competitors don't know how to dye which is a good thing for us............