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  1. J

    Service in Sarasota

    Thanks for the referral, I’ll give him a call!
  2. J

    Service in Sarasota

    I get what you're saying, I was just wondering if someone knew of a shop in this area.
  3. J

    Service in Sarasota

    I need to have some routine maintenance done on a Sapphire 370... does anyone know of a shop around the Sarasota, FL area? I'd rather not have to drive 85 miles. Thanks!
  4. J

    FB What do you charge for tile and grout...

    I agree! In Bradenton/Sarasota area I'm lucky to get jobs at .35 - .40 for cleaning only.
  5. J

    Adding on a urine job?

    In that situation you must be able to explain to the customer about why cat pee smells the way it does, what procedures and what chemicals will solve the problem, and why you charge extra for it. You also need to investigate with a black light, and if possible pull the carpet back to determine...
  6. J

    New Business Startup?

    First of all, I wish you the very best in your venture!! A few questions for you... Are you planning to work alone or have help? It might change your view on what equipment to buy/method to use. Why are you leaning toward VLM? I would chime in on these forums and ask questions of people here who...
  7. J

    "To Clean and Deodorize" is this a Tautology?

    Doesn't the "deodorizing" process that carpet cleaners use also add a scent, to make it smell good afterward? Most of my customers prefer the added scent, I suppose because they associate the 'fresh smell'' with clean carpet. IMO, I wouldn't get into semantics with the customer, just do what...
  8. J

    New tile and grout cleaning l.

  9. J

    New tile and grout cleaning l.

    What type of sealer would you use on this job? Which brand?
  10. J

    Jon Don hoses

    It did come with connectors, and I use velcro straps to hang extra sections of hose in my van.
  11. J

    Jon Don hoses

    I purchased a 50' length of solution hose from them. It's good quality, and for the money it's fine for me. So far it's been durable and problem-free for 6 mos. There are cheaper hoses on Ebay, but I'm a little hesitant, you don't know what you're getting.
  12. J

    Jon Don hoses

    Which type? Solution or vacuum?
  13. J

    Starting with mini van or regular van ?

    If you are thinking that your business will grow, I agree with getting a full-size van. They won't get as good mileage but their suspension/drivetrain is made to haul the weight. I shopped around and found a clean Chevy Express 2500 with 72K miles on it for under $11K. And... you WILL fill it...
  14. J

    Have you ever had to sample clean for someone?

    I bought an Oreck rotary scrubber and love it. I'm 55, had surgery 3 years ago and don't feel like lugging a 175 around anymore. The Oreck isn't as versatile as a 175, but it works well for what I need it to do.
  15. J

    Needs advice. Unsuccessful carpet clean.

    There is so much good advice already given here from guys who know what they're doing! My 2 cents... from the photos it looks like no prespray was used, so I'm wondering how you mixed it, applied it, and how much did you use? IMO, that carpet needed to be soaked with your product using a hydro...
  16. J

    Have you ever had to sample clean for someone?

    I think doing a sample cleaning can be a great way to get business, especially since you already have a good working relationship with this lady. If it were me, I'd probably clean an out of the way spot first, not the front entrance just in case things don't go as planned. If it goes well you'll...
  17. J

    Tripping breakers :(

    Strange but true! lol :oops:
  18. J

    how do I string this guy along....

    That's SO obviously a scam! If it were me, I'd turn all info over to the police... although stringing him along does sound like fun, lol.
  19. J

    FB hi i want to get the new Sapphire...

    I too have a 370ss that I love. It's a good idea to think about where your business will be in 3-5 years. Will a 370 still be what you want? If so, go for it. They are easy to do maintenance on yourself and are reliable. Everyone has their own experiences and opinions though... Ford vs. Chevy...
  20. J

    FB I'm looking at sapphire 370 anyone know what a...

    There's a lot of opinions about different machines, and everyone has their favorite. I have a 370ss and love it... no issues. They also have a 2 year warranty. I clean a variety of carpets and tile, but mostly apartments and residentials. They are easy to do basic maintenance on by yourself. Do...
  21. J

    Business offer for the owner of TMF

    I'm a big fan and supporter of Operation Smile, and was born with a cleft palate. To hear people make fun of others' birth defects is disheartening. It takes zero brains to make comments like that... he's still stuck in gradeschool. Anyhow Rob, carry on!
  22. J

    Prayer for Molly requested

    Thank you for sharing... sending thoughts and prayers to you and your family in this very difficult time. Her story is so inspirational!
  23. J

    How do you northerners do it??

    I pay $625/month for my small shop, but it's been worth every penny to have a secure, heated space to work from. It's also more convenient to highway access.
  24. J

    How do you northerners do it??

    That looks like a normal winter in NE Ohio! Seriously, I know it sucks when your area isn't prepared for this type of weather... as far as digging out, don't kill yourself! Shovel only what you have to to get out to the road, then drive carefully! It'll melt sooner or later...