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    Cat. 3 Cabinet Removal Rates - Xactimate's response

    I inquired why Xactimate does not have a category 3 line item for cabinet removal and received this response today: We have Cat 3 removal of lower cabinets on our list of items to monitor as potential line items but have no immediate plans on adding this to our pricelist at this time. We...
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    Sewage Main Line Back up - Labor Rates

    Good afternoon, I wanted to know what other restoration companies are invoicing for Sewage Main Line Back up cleaning. I have been invoicing these sewage cleanups lately at the HMR rate and getting push back from several insurance companies. Historically, I've always invoiced as category 3, but...
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    Whats your thoughts on the accuracy of ATP testing?

    Does anybody do their own bacteria testing for sewage or category 3 jobs? I'm curious as I've been in the business thirteen years, but have only ever see bacteria testing covered three times. Up until recently, I've had an inspector test for sewage (When customer wants to pay for it) and they...
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    What's your Sewage Remediation Protocol?

    I'm interested in knowing what other companies do to mitigate sewage. I had a covered sewer line back up from the main at multiple locations and treated similar to mold. - 3rd party Pack out of affected areas. - Had customers relocate since both restrooms and three bedrooms were affected. -...
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    Xactimate Estimates

    Hello, I am a new member but have read these forums for a while before registering. I was wondering if anyone else writes Xactimate estimates for other companies and what they charge? I currently write for several companies and charge a % for writing and negotiating with the adjuster, but...