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  1. Yura

    Diesel/gasoline stain on carpeting and SMELL removal?

    Hi all, please suggest how to remove big area diesel stain on car floor carpeting and the main thing, how, to remove the smell afterwards?! Thanks a lot
  2. Yura

    Best tannin spot removing solution?

    Hi all, I often face coffee and tea spots during upholstary cleaning(furniture mattresses), trying to find the best way to clean such spots. I recently bought matrix target tannin spot remover, but I used really much of it to remove the old coffee spot on the mattress(picture attached)...
  3. Yura

    Pre-spray+general cleaning solution foe upholstery(confused!)

    Hi guys, I just started the furniture(upholstery) cleaning business and trying to figure out all information about the chemicals to use. I've read a lot of information before but still some things make me confused, hope for a help to make it clear. As far as I know the upholstary cleaning...
  4. Yura

    Basic brushes set for upholstery cleaning?

    Hi all, started a furniture cleaning. Need your advice about the right brush accessories. As far as I understood I need: 1) A horsehair brush for delicate fabrics something like this? brush 2) Some hard syntetic brush for not delicate syntetic fabrics? Not sure which one is good, would...
  5. Yura

    How to remove this spot from the white mattress?

    Hi all, faced such strange spot on a mattress. After general cleaning it did not even change, tried few types of spot removing solution on both acidic and alkali side, nothing happened then tried to use oxygen bleacher and boosted it with a steam, did not work too. Any ideas how to deal...
  6. Yura

    Best uplholstary prespray?

    Hi all, looking for the prespray to use on daily basis for the furniture cleaning. Main requirements are safety for all types of upholstery and still with strong cleaning ability. At the moment I have Chemspec Enz All, I dissolve it about 30ml/1 little but I heard it can be risky to use it...
  7. Yura

    Best portable comercial extractor?

    Hi all, looking for good big extractor to use it for commercial cleaning of carpets/carpeting and upholstery furniture in flats, offices, restaurants. I see that there are pretty many on the market such as Edic, Mytee, Ninja and many more. My budget is not more then 3500 but buying a used...
  8. Yura

    equipment for a good start

    Hi guys, I am new to this business and would like to start a carpet cleaning business professionally. I am from Ukraine so most of objects will be flats, restaurants, offices which can't be reached from with hose from the car so I need a portable solutions with portable tanks and which I can...