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  1. Xtreme Carpet Clean

    Here comes the shut downs!

    After 17 years in business a somewhat close friend of mine is closing his doors for good. Why you ask? Higher taxes and Obama care. His name is Jay. He started a pet product supply and delivery service, delivering thousands of different pet goods to wholesalers, retailers, veterinarians and...
  2. Xtreme Carpet Clean

    Best Traffic Lane Cleaner Ever for $1.00

    Seriously. You all should try this. Last week, I was bored one day and decided to boil a bar of Fels to liquid form. I took a big ass pot and filled it exactly with one gallon of water. Pulled out an old cheese grater I had and shredded the Fels as fine as I could get it. Dumped the fels in...
  3. Xtreme Carpet Clean

    TMF presidential election (POLL) Please participate

    No Reason to comment. This is simply a poll to see how many in here will vote Romney and how many will vote Obama. Some feel whether or not Romney wins the popular, Obama will win the electoral and will remain the president. Please only vote once.
  4. Xtreme Carpet Clean

    Lady thought she needed to replace her carpet!

    Why do so many not know about carpet repair? Did this repair today, lady thought she needed to replace her carpet because of what her dog did. She had a local carpet store give her a price of $1100 to replace her 2 year old 15 x 15 room. Luckily for her she stumbled across my ad in C.L while...
  5. Xtreme Carpet Clean

    Accused of Bait and Switch? You decide.

    Got a call from a lady last night. Tells me she is looking for carpet cleaning and is interested in my 4 areas for $99 special. I ask her to give me a brief run down on the general condidtion of her carpeting. She says to me " a few minor spots here and there should be easy to clean". Really...
  6. Xtreme Carpet Clean

    Newsletter? Yes/no?

    Been thinking about starting to send out a 3 month newsletter to go along with my 6 month reminder. I have about 300 customers from the recent past now and need to start getting more repeats and referals. Whats anyones thoughts, good times or waste of time? I probably already know the answer...
  7. Xtreme Carpet Clean

    Area rug cleaning concerns!

    Got a call from a lady yesterday. She has two area rugs both she says are "hand spun" her words not mine from India. She believes they are wool but is not certain. She put a value on them of $1000 a piece. Anyway she has called a couple of local area rug "experts" in the area and was given...
  8. Xtreme Carpet Clean

    Robbing the rich to give to the poor?

    Obama belives in spreading the wealth. He wants to tax the rich up to %55 and thinks this is the answer to fixing the economy. What do you think?
  9. Xtreme Carpet Clean

    Who Bonnet's? And When?

    Allright. Just curious. I just bought this Bonnet/scrubber last night. Its in great shape and seems to work perfect. I am just wondering how effective and lucrative it will be in making me a better cleaner. Who else bonnets after their cleanings and or what is the ideal situation to use it?
  10. Xtreme Carpet Clean

    Anyone ever heard of a Danzig?

    Same guy that sold me the Mytee Spinner last week has a Danzig scrubber/bonnet he wants to sell me for $200. He sent me a text with a pic but I cant figure out how to get it to email so I can post a pic. It also has a removable 4 gallon shampoo tank. Comes with a 16 inch scrubber and 8 bonnet...
  11. Xtreme Carpet Clean

    Good deal? Yes/ no

    Saw this just now. Going tonite to look at and probably purchase. Good deal? He said he'd take $150 cash money. Dont know much about the spinner. What should I look for? link not valid
  12. Xtreme Carpet Clean

    Lets here it for the ladies!

    What does everyones wives do for a living? Just curious how many of us truly do it alone and how many's significant others contribute to our success in their own way. Mine personally runs an in home daycare and watches 6 little kids. Works for us because we have 2 kids of our own ages 2 and 6...
  13. Xtreme Carpet Clean


  14. Xtreme Carpet Clean

    CGD Cleaning question.

    Can someone help a brother out? Got a call from a previous custy. He says over the weekend their 5 gallon water cooler at his office somehow ruptured. They tried to suc up as much as they could with a shop vac. They have been living with it over the last 3 days but now it is starting to...
  15. Xtreme Carpet Clean

    Brain Teaser. Lets see who gets it first.

    You see a shirt you want and it cost $97 dollars tax included. Your broke so you ask your mom for $50 and your dad for $50. 50+50=100 You buy the shirt and there is exactly $3 change. You pay your mom back $1 and pay your dad back $1 and keep $1 for yourself. You now owe your mom$49 and...
  16. Xtreme Carpet Clean

    Help! Need advice before tomorrow morning.

    Literally just got off the phone 2 minutes ago with a lady who says her 2 year old just used her off white berber carpet as a coloring book. Green sharpie magic marker. Says its bad about 3 feet long with numerous marks. Told her no emergency the damage is already done and will see her in the...
  17. Xtreme Carpet Clean

    Carpet dyeing pricing? Anyone?

    Allright, I Submit. I am going to bite the bullet and buy a carpet dyeing kit. Saw one that seems to be pretty complete on the internet for $50. The guy is selling all his equip. but this is all I'm interested in of his. Already have searched all I can on you tube showing vids of others...
  18. Xtreme Carpet Clean

    I'll take the rat nasties please!

    Cleaned a ladys house today. She calls me this morning and says she needs her carpet cleaned today as shes having guest coming for the weekend and wants to give it a chance to totally dry before they come. Get to the ladys house it was showroom condition. Not a spot stain or spill anywhere...
  19. Xtreme Carpet Clean

    My bank called and wants to feature my buisness.

    Got a call from the manager at the bank I do business with. She tells me she has seen my van frequently in the drive thru and parking lot and wants to know if I'd be interested in being the featured small business for the entire month of August. Basically what that means is I would have the...
  20. Xtreme Carpet Clean

    Trying to step up my game

    So I have been cleaning just over a year starting to get a decent bank of customers and receiving 1 to 2 calls a week from either referals or repeat custys. I think I am doing something right, just finished the week off with 9 jobs for the week and already have 6 jobs scheduled for next week...
  21. Xtreme Carpet Clean

    Has anyone ever used this as a prespray?

    All right this may be a little weird or it may be used widely. I really have no idea. I recently started getting some jobs through a pm who manages mostly homes in a somewhat depressed part of St. louis city. Not slums by no means however your not going to find many doctors or lawyers living...
  22. Xtreme Carpet Clean

    Anything wrong with this?

    Did a job with a heavy frieze. I mean this frieze was no joke. Easily 100 oz. face weight. Carpet was pretty trashed from 3 kids, 3 dogs and 4 cats. Long story short I blasted it with as much p.s.i as I had 500 and dry stroked like a mad man. Well after 3 hours of work I bend down to feel what...
  23. Xtreme Carpet Clean

    Anything wrong with this?

    Did a job with a heavy frieze. I mean this frieze was no joke. Easily 100 oz. face weight. Carpet was pretty trashed from 3 kids, 3 dogs and 4 cats. Long story short I blasted it with as much p.s.i as I had 500 and dry stroked like a mad man. Well after 3 hours of work I bend down to feel what...
  24. Xtreme Carpet Clean

    Cleaned my 100th customers house today!

    Just thought I'd share. It took me 340 days to get my 100th customer. Keep in mind this is with very few referals. All advertising has been either Google, C.L, door to door or a small ad I had in a local paper. I pretty much took off from CCing the whole month of december and january just...
  25. Xtreme Carpet Clean

    Expiration date or not?

    In the process of having 1000 door hangers printed. Got my text all laid out but have always questioned putting and expiration date on advertisment. On one hand an ad needs to show a sense of urgency. On the other hand by putting an expiration date some might not want the service done till...