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  1. Prestigecarpetclean

    Vacuum question 2 stage- 3stage

    I have my second porty mytee m16 had 2 hp 2 stage vacuums, 1 of the vacuums failed on me (too much foam) my question is i have a spare 3 stage ametek 3 stage vacuum, any problems running a 2 stage and a 3stage. Ive heard guys run it that way in series but im running parrallel.
  2. Prestigecarpetclean

    Question portable vacuums

    Hi guys tried searching around couldnt find answers, how do you know when its time to replace vacs? I have 2 3 stage vacs in my port, ive put out alot of hours not sure how many, how do you know when its time to replace? Any obvious signs to look for? Thanks
  3. Prestigecarpetclean

    Mytee wand tile spinner with portable?

    I have a chance to buy used mytee spinner at decent price, any body have any experience with using one? Only problem is i only have 500 psi to work with, i know i should use a tile wand instead because of low pressure, either way tile Nd grout i use groutmaster, scrub grout with shark and or...
  4. Prestigecarpetclean

    Post pic of pre spray/rinse you carry on van/truck

    Heres some products i carry on board every day(more in garage shelves) i carry diffrent spoters (pog, oxidizers, organic, etc) also osr, tile and grout solutions but in general this is what i carry on truck, curious what others are carrying on board for there go to prespray/rinse
  5. Prestigecarpetclean

    Lipton tea stain help with pics

    Hi guys can use some advice on tea stain from good client of mine. Apparently its lipton tea he blotted most tea out and unfortunately tried cleaning it him self using folex from home depot. How should i clean it? Only stain remover i have for coffee/tea is cheap harvard stuff. I hear alot of...
  6. Prestigecarpetclean

    Clean storm from steambrite. Portable for sale california 1500$

    Clean storm. 2 3 stage vac. 500psi adjustable pump. 2000 watt heater . auto fill with chemical injection. And auto pump out little giant 20gpm. Everything works good. Machine only. $1500 Model #12-3500-H Set Pump Pressure 500 psi Pumptec Pump (Adjustable) Auto FillVacuum Motors Dual 3 Stage...
  7. Prestigecarpetclean

    Thank you mr.allen

    Thank you rob and tmf for groutmaster sample. One of the best tile and carpet boosters i have ever tried. And ive tried every samplr available through tmf store im impressed with everything especially robs acid rinse very good product. On side note i did not car for saigers free sample after...
  8. Prestigecarpetclean

    Mr.saiger and jared from odorcide

    Thank you mark saiger for free sample kit including free shipping and mr.jared at odorcide for sample kit free shipping as well excited to try both products. Highly recommend people on this forum that havent to go ahead and order free sample. Waiting tomorrow from robs sample packs from tmf...