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  1. Dougie "fresh-clean"

    Employee Benefits, Anyone use a PEO?

    Hey rug suckers, I find myself hiring again as some great part-timers are moving on and I still haven’t found a great full time tech. I wonder if I would have better retention and better applicants if I were able to offer employee benefits... looking at PEOs like JustWorks and such to attempt...
  2. Dougie "fresh-clean"

    Liability? Need to refer customer to water restoration, they refuse.

    Customer calls for cleaning, later comes out or is discovered on-site that there is a days old a/c leak and the padding is soaked and who knows what else. I refuse cleaning job and refer customer to a restoration company and suggest they call their insurance company. Customer refuses to deal...
  3. Dougie "fresh-clean"

    Unemployment Claim

    Had to let a tech go that missed a lot of workdays and I got a lot of complaints on... now got an unemployment claim letter. Didn’t see it for a few days, too late to send info in before the deadline, how screwed am I? Anyone else dealt with paying UI? Could last a full year.
  4. Dougie "fresh-clean"

    Tile Cleaner storage: corrosion issues

    How does one store liquid tile cleaner in a van without the fumes corroding everything?
  5. Dougie "fresh-clean"

    370ss not getting water

    Howdy, no tank, live supply from garden hose. I tested all the way through quick connections for water flow, and when I manually fill machine at the radiator cap opening the pump functions normally, until water box runs dry. What is there between water inlet and water box that I can mess with?
  6. Dougie "fresh-clean"

    Help Pricing Cubical Walls and Commercial Ceramic Tile/Grout

    Hello all, I have a notepad of cubical counts and tile floor measurements for a warehouse. I stick to residential 99.99% of the time, but someone big into quit all their accounts and I have been putting out (and loosing) bids for commercial work. How does one price cubical wall cleaning...
  7. Dougie "fresh-clean"

    Outdoor sealer for travertine & other stone?

    Greetings, suppose I have this pool area clean. What are some sealers that will last outdoors and not make a splotchy mess?
  8. Dougie "fresh-clean"

    Who answers your phones?

    I find myself unable to answer the phone, or even call back in a reasonable amount of time since I am doing all the cleanings. Thankfully the phone rings A LOT! When I clean alone I hope they leave a voicemail for me to return after the job or whenever I can find a minute (usually 3 hours after...
  9. Dougie "fresh-clean"

    Anyone do their own truckmount repairs?

    After much troubleshooting I have determined the need to replace the General TX1810S17 solution pump on my Sapphire Scientific Rage machine. One-truck company, can't wait on the local dealer to "get around to it", so thought I might attempt the replacement myself.... problem is I am one of...