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    Bane Clene base unit - BAD PUMP

    Motor states 1725 rpm's. I do not know the pulley sizes?
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    Bane Clene base unit - BAD PUMP

    Hello, I have a older bane clene base unit. The pump went out last night while cleaning my own carpets. I mean the pump housing must have been cracked because the opposite end of the pulley broke off, and part was of the broken edge was rusty and part was not. Now I want to replace it...
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    are employees liable for stolen equipment

    I would require them to file a police report. That way if the items show up latter you can get them back and if the missing items are linked to your employee as theft they may be charged for filing a false police report. The best part is that it is not up to you to press charges or deal with...
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    Mission Statement

    I wanted to know what some of you have for a mission statement. I wanted to get some examples. I looked online and found very short to extremely long mission statements. What is the best option? Thanks
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    Gun owners liten up........

    All this political talk about gun control making us safer, it does not make sense. Countries that have very lax gun laws see very little gun violence. The stricter the laws the more violence there is. And when laws get very strict then only police and criminals have guns. So that leaves the...
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    I have not received the vaccine but I want it. I would rather get the shot then get H1N1, if for no other reason then to not feel like crap for 3+ days.
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    Water damage equipment, what's best, Rent or Buy??

    The company I work for rents or trades the use of equipment with other restoration companies. That is as long as the other companies are not using all their equipment already.
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    soda blasting

    Soda Blasting helps with the odor from a fire because it is baking soda. Some of it gets inbedded in the wood and helps with the odor. Also I have tried a fiew different brands the best one I found was Arm & Hammer. The particals were uniform in size and did not stick to geather as much as...
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    Hello Everyone!

    I am new on this site. I am looking to get started with my own company soon and I am willing to start small and with used equipment. I work for a restoration company, work for myself, sell on ebay, go to school fulltime, and married with 2 children. I am a very busy and want to work for my...
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    soda blasting

    I have done soda blasting with the pull behind compresser and the large comercial sand blaster. I have done it 20= times most times 8+ hours. Xactimate has a price for just the blasting of $1+ per SF. For faster clean up use the air supply line to blow the soda to one corner. MAKE SURE the...
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    Worst Insurance company poll...

    Austin mutual! All ins. co. that are mutuals have a different set of laws than other ins. companys. So thay can deny a claim based on whatever they see as the truth.
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    Who sells dehu's real cheap?

    Realy cheep is at a pawnshop. You can find driease at some of them.:eek:
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    Ever find yourself acting as a General Contractor

    I am in MN and have a GC but I do not do any reconstruction. I had to many problems dealing with all the subs so I came up with a new idea. I called the local large construction companys and asked them about a commission for sending work to them. I found that after some negociation they pay...
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    Is a used Bane Clean worth it?

    I can get a Bane Clene portable-TM for free! I can not find the model # but I have the serial # 003911118. I do not know if that will help anyone identify it or not. It comes with the needed hoses, prochem? wands, I have the hose reel, and some carpet cleaning products. It does not come...