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  1. Johnny Bravo

    What is the best way to clean a carpet?

    Rug Doctor and some Tide laundry detergent should fix you up.
  2. Johnny Bravo

    @Todd the Cleaner is in the hospital.

    The Cover 19 is getting very serious here in LA. I know around a dozen people that have had it, and 3 that have died from it.
  3. Johnny Bravo

    Importance of specialized web designing company for your business

    Today it is very important to deal with a specialized carpet cleaning company. As a result, without a good quality carpet cleaner, you could not achieve a good carpet cleaning.
  4. Johnny Bravo

    @Todd the Cleaner is in the hospital.

    Todd is doing well now. I was pretty sick in January and wouldn't be surprised if I had the damn Covid 19 then too.
  5. Johnny Bravo

    Just bought a used HydraMaster waterpond yesterday.

    Is this your first one? Or even first powered hose reel? If so you're going to wonder how you ever got along with out them.
  6. Johnny Bravo

    Ugh... I’m on the downhill slope

    Well I'm already a senior citizen so just be happy where you're at now.
  7. Johnny Bravo

    Butler unit for sale

    Nice and clean. What kind of motor does the van have in it?
  8. Johnny Bravo

    Thread of the Year Closed?

    Yep! I miss the good old days here.
  9. Johnny Bravo

    Butler Truckmount Not Getting Any Heat

    I have a buddy who has an older Butler TM. He is coming over for me to help him out. The Tm has heat exchangers and he tells me he's not getting any heat. He was getting heart a couple weeks ago when I had to unseize his blower. Any advice would be appreciated. Trying to help this guy out.
  10. Johnny Bravo

    Tecnoviking is making a come back LET THE HATE BEGIN

    Is this you Techno Viking? Skip to 1:30 and check it out.
  11. Johnny Bravo

    Thread of the Year Closed?

    And I'm pissed because I'm almost 60 :(
  12. Johnny Bravo

    Thread of the Year Closed?

    Wow! You're allowing your hate of Mike to cloud your vision buddy.
  13. Johnny Bravo

    Thread of the Year Closed?

    Absolutely as well as good moderators resigning and leaving as well like you and myself.
  14. Johnny Bravo

    Thread of the Year Closed?

    Yep! And it's not the first time either that Rob did that. @Pinosan was put on crawl last year for the same thing. Hasn't been able to post or get onto TMF ever since then.
  15. Johnny Bravo

    Thread of the Year Closed?

    Unfortunately you're correct. Sad but true. :(
  16. Johnny Bravo

    Jaguar Cub: Ed Valentine

    I'm not a porty guy anymore. I'm primarily a TM guy, plus the porty I have isn't a Cross American. But Ed Valentine of Cross American fame is a good, honest, and decent man. Everyone I know that has one of his machines swears by them. We don't see a lot of comments about Ed Valentine's...
  17. Johnny Bravo

    Hi guys! Bear with me! This is my first post.

    I'm not a water damage guy. But I do know some that went out on their own. One guy quit 2 or 3 times because he ran out of money, and he didn't have a family to support. Mind you he had a fully sticked box truck too. Now 8 years later he still doesn't work for himself. He works for another...
  18. Johnny Bravo

    Thread of the Year Closed?

    The most active engaging thread of the year gets shut down because someone mentioned MSDS sheets that should al be available and read. It wasn't like Mike was selling anything to us. He doesn't make or sell pre-spray. Doesn't have anything to lose or gain if we buy or don't buy any...
  19. Johnny Bravo

    I propose banning Scroty Sack. Any one else?

    Whats the difference between a regular gas BBQ and a Traeger? This damn thread has got me thinking about buying a $47 bottle of olive oil and now a new BBQ grill. This is turning into an expensive thread.
  20. Johnny Bravo

    As soon as the Scroty scab is gone.....

    You do know you're pissing in the wind. Your rat ass order ain't going to get nobody booted much less Mr. Dickhead.