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    Googles's new algorithm; is it affecting your traffic?

    Can you please explain whats there in the new algorithm? And why it will hit the traffic?
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    10 minute patch

    Simply great! I will follow this.
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    Tile Scratch

    You can try this. First, clean the tile by soap and let it dry. Then, prepare a paste by adding baking soda in water (Paste should be thick). Apply it on a tile where the scratch is. Let the paste be there for 15 minutes and scrub it with a toothbrush. Then wash the tile by water. It will be...
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    How to Price Gutter Cleaning?

    You can contact some local property inspection company and ask them about gutter cleaning. It will be helpful for sure.
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    Grout turned white

    Did you rinse the tiles efficiently? Sometimes the grout can turn white. Make sure to re-rinse the floor to remove white residue.
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    Is the janitorial business even worth it?

    Totally with you! Ever since field service companies came into existence, many small enterprises are unable to make profit!
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    Mold in shower

    You can use a mold cleanser or vinegar & water solution to remove mold. Spread the solution on the moldy area and scrub and rinse off with water. Allow the place to dry or use rags to dry the surface.
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    How to Price Gutter Cleaning?

    Compare prices of other cleaning services. Perhaps, you will get an idea of the market price and then quote a cheaper price.
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    Why Should I Hire a Water Damage Service?

    Water damage could seriously impact your home decor. It is crucial to take action before it destroy your expensive wooden floorboards, roofs, pipes & faucets, electrical fixtures, etc. A professional will help restore the house to its original condition. They will help in mold removal, drying...
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    What's your janitorial value proposition?

    Janitorial services must be cheap, fast and efficient. Every company have different sets of policies. Some are able to meet the requirements while some fail.
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    Salt residue on tile floors in commercial account

    Vinegar and cold water. If this does not work add detergent or soap to warm water and scrub the floor.
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    How do I get rid from the Carpet Odor which sustained the Water Damage?

    Hire a professional to dry the damp carpet. Once the carpet is dry you can add disinfectant which will remove the odor altogether.
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    How much do you charge for office cleaning?

    Check the standard rates in your city. I charge on the basis of per square feet of commercial or residential area.