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    "THIS" does not sound bad!!!

    There ya Go...
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    "THIS" does not sound bad!!!

    Sorry to say, eventually you will get sick of plugging in cords, blowing circuits...I had little giant few years back, truly streaming hot, hot. Better evaporating potential, i used to run a Bane machine, water temp around 160, of course that's what their chemicals after kinda designed for!! But...
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    Advice on best steamer for furniture mark removal

    I think it's the moisture that helps tells the backing, I've heard put ton ice cube in the divet, no idea of it works...I put little extra prespray on them take hose off wand, put directly on the indentation, usually pulls right up... But I took a Genesis with 5.9 Blower, Ford 60hp industrial...
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    Some lucky cleaner is getting this next week

    Yeah.. who won, the fancy machine....
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    wanted to start a seperate thread about...

    71% of sorry in s carpet cleaning is dry matter dirt!! So by pre vacuuming, there is that much less your machine had to try to work harder to remove. And it's better to remove the dry dirt first, once it's presprayed you have mud.... I vacuum every damn job I've Done for 30 years!! No exception...
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    Who is working on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?

    I will clean down to 20°like it is now, and I'm heading out hey can ready!! Merry Christmas
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    Who is working on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?

    Yeah, this year we had January weather in November, that sucked, or blew!! (how ever one wants to look at it) last 3 days, not terrible, but $1000 jobs pushed back. There's been times where it's not been above 10° for almost 2 weeks. Phone usually doesn't even ring. Ha. I tell folks sorry it's...
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    Who is working on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?

    Ido Not clean off wind chill factors are at or close to zero. Very strict with this, as I have spent $13-$16,000 in winter time repairs in the last 29 years. For probably $3000 worth of work!! So that's why I say I can get shut down for a week, with a cold snap hits. My Crystal Ball isn't always...
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    Who is working on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?

    I am Cleaning Restaurant this morning, Christmas Eve morning, it's a Ole classmates, plus here in Wisconsin, if I wait until after holidays, may be Zero Degrees!!! And shit me down for a week, have to play the weather... Supposed to be 32° sunny.. Merry CHRISTMAS Everyone
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    Another sister died this week. This was particularly horrible.

    Thank You Randy for sharing....I tell people when they smoke near me, that each cigarette is one of their nails and the lighter is their hammer.... Their making their own coffin... Pounding in one nail after another in their COFFIN. I'M 16 YEARS CLEAN OFF CIGS... SO SORRY FOR YOUR LOSSES!!
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    Making a new truckmount out of junk

    Yes I run a Genesis 56... Love the Beast!!! Knock on Wood treated me very well, I purchased it with only 1100 original hours, I have over 4000 now after 3 years of flawless operation!!
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    Making a new truckmount out of junk

    True is that....a 40 should pull her
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    Making a new truckmount out of junk

    I have a industrial 60hp Ford 4 cylinder, obviously liquid cooled running my Roots 56....I don't know about smaller...?? I run some long lengths of house in the country, Lake houses, etc.
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    Bent blower shaft

    I've had bent shaft toast a blower on a Butler.... Then I had bearing go out one a Roots 56, cause shaft out of line, themed out was cheaper to find a used one, had a special place in Wisconsin called Furry Pump go thru it, they repair huge ones on barges, hugs ones... So, yes it can happen.
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    I think there southern States get a lot less for apartments, so much competition.. I've been around for a long time, maybe too long, but I get $145/2bdrm unit, just did a duplex today=$195.00 But I remind young guys, I've been doing this 27 years!!! Known these properties owners for most of...
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    Need help with oxidation stain

    Exactly what I was going to say also, that Oxi-Clean stuff, works great in some carpets, but commercial shows one putting it on and wham, spot gone, residue of so that is still sitting dormant!! You cleaned got area with water pulled it out, then the Oxi takes hold, color-loss!. I agree be...
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    Fine tuning my game

    I have read recommendations on this forum, like have a short section of 1.5 hose like say 10 feet, then 20 feet 2.0 hose to the machine this way still easier around furniture, etc. I also personally do not like 2" hose, so I have 10 foot section, but I have 60hp 5.9 blower. So vacuum is no issue...
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    What do you hate most about your business

    Been fortunate equipment wise, I like the break also, but rather have it around hunting season, not when it's colder, stuck inside. There body healing thing, totally agreed!! After retirement l will Not spend much of the winter Here!! 51+ years! All I Kno my whole life. Im Going South!!
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    What do you hate most about your business

    Paper Work, Taxes. Winters in Wisconsin
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    Furniture cleaning

    Years ago, I think it worked well, pleasant odor. Read to make sure it's safe, try small areas in back corner, I don't feel should discolor, but i'm not gonna put my life in it either. It's a good product, expensive enough.
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    Beautiful Spring Day

    Who would have guessed 8" on top of the blizzard from the weekend!!