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  1. barefoot

    No Virginia Beach shooting thread?

    Just thought since it happened it Robs backyard he would be most impacted.
  2. barefoot

    Boston bomb suspect's aunt: Mosque won't bury Tamerlan Tsarnaev

    Here is the link If you support the Mosque's decision...please consider making a donation at [article]link not valid Please understand that this must be a very tough...
  3. barefoot

    Groupon....accept credit cards...lower price than square

    Groupon is now competing w/ Square for small business credit card processing. Lower rates of 1.8 swiped and 2.3 verbal w/ .15 trans fee. Here is the link Works on Iphone and just recently..Android app as well. Signed up to try...
  4. barefoot

    "Paypal here" vs vs intuit" go payment" vs others

    Paypal just announced it is competing directly w/ the and the others. Go to google w/ search terms as "paypal here" and read all about it. Somebody please put a link in here..Cant figure out how to do it. As a customer of absolutely love the mobile processing...
  5. barefoot

    50 free wowcards including postage @

    Get 50 free plastic postcards.....w/ removable giftcard...... mailed to your customers or prospects.. at no charge at Perfect way to reactivate some inactive customers. I mailed a sample to myself and was pretty impressed w/ the product. The gift card looks and feels...