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  1. TylerH

    Slick tile??

    I have a commercial job I have been cleaning for years they have the tile cleaned every couple of years until recently it’s been fine. They have had a deep kitchen cleaning and replaced a few tiles in this hall. now all the sudden the floor is slick. I cleaned the floor with Saigers Sauce...
  2. TylerH

    Carpet tile replacement

    I Have not scraped any carpet tiles up or replaced them in my short career as a carpet cleaner. I was wondering what do you guys charge for something like that? The area is 6x8 or so and a couple random tiles throughout the restraunt any thought comments or help are always appreciated thank you...
  3. TylerH

    Help with onyx??

    I have a client that has onyx in his house and hard water in his shower, and we all know what happens there, the lower portions of the shower and the bench especially are way duller than the rest of the floor and shower what’s the best way to clean this up, honing or do you guys have something...
  4. TylerH

    Cleaning gym mats?

    I had a potential client call today that was interested in getting gym type floor mats cleaned in a hair studio it was just remodeled and the construction crew was messy.. Any advice on what to do and how to clean I’am going to look at the floors tomorrow I will take pictures then. Thank you...
  5. TylerH

    Help a new guy out! My truck froze

    Day two of having my butler and it was froze solid this morning used a oil heater last night didn’t keep it from freezing it’s a gmc box truck I do not have access to a garage I live in southwest Colorado any pointers on how to keep it warm would be much appreciated new to tmf not sure how all...